Favorite TV Shows! (V2.0)

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  1. This thread is to discuss your favorite TV show(s)

    My favorite TV show(s)
    • NCIS
    • NCIS LA
    • Hawaii Five-O
    • Law and Order
    • Law and Order: SVU
    • Family Guy
    • The Simpsons
    • American Dad
    • The Blacklist
    • South Park
    • The Walking Dead
    • Chicago P.D.
    So what are your favorite TV show(s)?

    (I made this thread the first time June of 2013, figured V2.0 needed to happen)
    • The Blacklist
    • Forever
    • Waterloo Road (series just ended </3)
    • Ugly Betty
    • Gossip Girl
    • The nfell2009 show
    • Watchdog
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  2. My favourite TV Shows...
    • Third Watch
    • The Walking Dead
    • Ashes to Ashes
    • Death Note (assuming I can add an anime in here)
    Those are my all time favourites I'd say, though I have seen a few trailers going about for a show called "Sirens", it looks like a sort of comedy which involves the emergency services. I'll have to look into it a bit more I suppose...
  3. Sirens is decent, it isn't really funny IMO and I only watch it if its the only thing on the channel USA. I would suggest watching an episode or two to see if you like it though.
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  4. A lot of my favorite shows have already ended and I'm just not caught up and others are some that I have totally watched but will love forever (Most are comedies) :
    • The Walking Dead
    • The Office (Murica)
    • Naruto Shippuden
    • Parks and Recreations
    • NCIS
    • Monk
    • Family Guy
    • Drake and Josh
    Edit: I need to add some to the list. =P
    • Full metal alchemist
    • Breaking Bad
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    • The Walking Dead
    • Parks and Recreation
    • Dexter
    • Arrow
    • Doctor Who
    • Breaking Bad
    • The Office
    • Lost
    And I'm also big on anime but won't list all of those. :p
  5. I don't really watch television series, I always watch YouTubers. On the really special occasions I do though, my favourites are The Super Mario Bros. Super Show and My Little Pony, I think.
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  6. I added Chicago P.D.
    I love that show, dont know how I forgot to add it to my list!
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  7. I might be forgetting a few, but:

    (Not in any order)

    Fist of the North Star
    Lucky Star
    Naoki Urasawa's Monster
    The Friday the 13th and Evil Dead shows, when they come on
    Ed, Edd, n' Eddy
    Dororon Enma-Kun Merameera
    Cutie Honey
    Cutie Honey Flash
    Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magicka
    Mahou Tsukai Sally
    Any Gundam series I've seen
    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
    Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
    Wooser's Hand-to-mouth Life
    Virtually any G4 program, when they were good
    The Super Milk-chan Show

    (The Walking Dead has to earn its place back on this list)
  8. Nothing.
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  9. Shows I'm watching atm.
    Walking Dead
    Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Better Call Saul
    The Last Man on Earth
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Man Seeking Women
    Mike Tyson Show
    The Simpsons on FXX
    *vary to change once seasons are over..
    would put animes on here put.. list would be long..
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    • The Walking Dead
    • Dexter
    • Breaking Bad
    • Better Call Saul
    That's about it. :p I'm not very big on TV shows nearly as much as I like movies. Favorite movie still has to be The Silence of the Lambs.
  10. The only two shows I'm really watching at the moment is Better Call Saul and The walking dead.

    I also like some original British shows that you probably haven't heard of unless you're from the UK such as bad education (which finished) and Friday night dinner.

    Suprised by the amount of anime watchers here. I just don't get it personally.

    Some good shows that have ended that I would gradly 're-watch are breaking bad and Chuck (serverely underrated)

    EDIT: oh I forgot about friends to, which I've watched a million times but still watch on a daily basis :p
  11. Wow, this deserves a bump :D
  12. Under the dome

    Ncis new Orleans

  13. I don't really watch tv anymore :p more like YouTube videos now. But I do have a tv show I like:
    *Shark Tank :)
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  14. As of right now I've been really hooked on Better Call Saul and Archer.
  15. Shark tank
  16. I hardly watch TV now. I mainly only watch it to see Broadchurch and Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell.