Hoppers not collecting goods. People check Hoppers....

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  1. Pass the word and get everyone to check Hoppers on farms to make sure they are working.

    I was sitting around watching to make sure my hoppers were collecting items. Half the time they are not. Its kinda an on and off thing. Sometimes they collect Iron from my farm. Then they stop collecting and leave items till they disappear. Normally the Hoppers would eat everything up. Now i'm loosing items I could be selling.

    Now this is going down on Smp4 on the frontier. With hoppers for my Iron Golem farm. Simple Hopper setup with 6 hoppers in a 2x3 off the back of double chest. Everything lines up but no goods go through hopper or chest. Keep in mind it does this on and off. So a simple check by throwing an item in the hopper wont work. You would have to watch it for awhile.

    Hopper top side:

    Hopper Bottom:

    Hoppers collect for my 15 cell Iron Farm:
  2. So you are saying that sometimes your hoppers let items sit for 15 minutes without collecting?
  3. it takes like five hours for one item to get through a hopper with the new update
  4. #BlameAikar
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  5. That is true I have a iron farms and a mining farm and the hoppers don't collect all the time
  6. So what everyone was trying to say up there (but didn't!)...

    Aikar changed the rate in which hoppers operate. Its easily missed because the main post in his thread wasn't updated with this information. So don't take my word for it (although you should, if you don't I'll be very sad until I forget about the whole thing (which normally happens within 2 minutes)) but check this post.

    I'm pretty sure this is what caused your issues.
  7. Nice farms! I am not a redstone-experienced-guy, so I wouldn't be much of a help. Maybe Aikar knows what happened?
  8. Yes
  9. Yeah I read that. It could be the reason why Items don't get sucked in. If its a delay issue. The delay is way too long at times. Then the item disappears. Its not a complicated system like that post said would lag. Its only 6 hoppers. But i'll post a reply on that thread too.
  10. Thank you, I don't like to use redstone either none of my farms use redstone.
  11. It IS the reason. I believe Aikar should do the following:

    Make a hoppercount. It will be like entcount but hoppercount. You can have a certain number in one area. I dont know but that sounds like a good idea. Say a max of 200 in one area?
  12. -1
    Some farms (like one I just built) have a 50x50 array of hoppers since hopper minecarts don't seem to work on emc either. Until the minecarts get fixed, which are the best way to minimize large hopper arrays I don't think that'd help :p

    Also don't know if /hopper count would be possible :p
  13. I know, but 50x50 hopper arrays are WHY he made the change.
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  14. But there is currently no other way besides the 50x50 way so what is the solution? :p
  15. /hoppercount
  16. What about item sorters? Because of how awkward moving items with water is on EMC many machines, such as item sorters, rely on hopper pipelines to transport items. With Aikar's change, these machines still function well. If we were to limit the amount of hoppers in an area, almost all of these machines would be broken.
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  17. Thats wht you would be able to have ~200 in one area.
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  18. I wish I had more to add on this issue. But it sounds like you guys build the more complicated machines so i'll leave the topic in your hands.

    Like I said before my hoppers are not that crazy in size. Its just a 6 hopper collection system. My farms are manual and I tend to do all the sorting and moving myself. I just want to make sure that the hoppers suck everything up before items disappear.
  19. Compression man. Put a tray under your farm and funnel as you would an iron farm. I use it on my Gold (69x69) - Guardian (59x59) - and Mob Cube (23x23). If I can't get them to drop the needed distance, I toss in a simple crusher.
  20. As far as I know, hoppers will collect any item right now placed directly on it, just very slowly. I've not see it take more than 3-4 seconds. It takes 5 minutes for items to despawn, and that check gets reset anytime items auto stack, so with 15 farms, you'll have another iron golem before then, so for you to miss out on the iron, it would have to stack to 64 and then wait 5 minutes. Each time something auto stacks it usually moves over top another hopper also, so you'd have a super good chance of picking it up within those 20 minutes.

    Redstone can disable a hopper, so any sort of pressure plate, or an open trapped chest.

    Since you can reach all your hoppers, try placing an item by hand in each and making sure they all lead to the chest. If not, remove, place chest first, then hoppers.