Holy four hundredth day batman!

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  1. *takes a bow*
    i have been with this awesome community now for 400 days! and there isn't any better place.
    who couldn't like the friendly community? the awesome staff? the well structured rules, and its all amazingly held together!

    since i've started here, i have made some amazing friends, some are recently made, and some i've had since i started here. i'm sure you know who you are :)
    if you don't know me, or have never talked to me, please do! i love making new friends!
    60% of my friends reside on this lovely little digital land of Empire. lol :p is this bad? :eek: i think not!

    so, for my 400th day! what will i do? probably keep working on the Wayne Manor! :D
    secondly, i'm going to do something awesome for you!

    i want to know what YOU think the Empire Community needs, a wool farm? games? or whatever you think would help the community! i want ideas! i've been trying to think of something that the community could use that i could build/do/work on/ or keep running.

    i was thinking of some kind of Wild Community? or town? whatever it is, the NAME has to be something batman. as you all know me! :p
    such as Arkham City Woolz, or something along the sort :p you get it!
    anyway, give me your ideas! ask me things you want to know! since i've never done one of those ask me anything threads! - i like answering questions! w0000t

    65. Creeper655 (i gave you 65 because its in your name!)
    one must read the post! :D

    what is it that i'm giving away? .. hmm, its a secret.
  2. Maybe some Parkour course set in Arkhum?
    Also 22
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  3. How did your batman obsession begin?
  4. I want #11
    Oh and.. BATMAN :D
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  5. Where's my BatPie? BatDo batYou batPut batOn batEverything?
    Number 33 please.
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  6. jeder nummer bitte, konne sie helfen mich mit meinen deutch?
    Any number please, can you still help me with my german.
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  7. I think that the community needs a wild outpost that actually people participate in and dont just say they will do it and nothing happens with it. This outpost should have a material farm which can supply simple materials to people like stone and wool. And also 10 please!
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  8. is that where you have to jump to one block to another?
    more than likely started with watching the cartoons when i was younger lol, but my obsession really didn't start until i was a lot older and started collecting anything i could find that was batman. lolol
    you have no idea, question or a story! dude man! you failed!
    also, what number do you want!?
    ja! :D
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  9. Yes
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  10. hmmm, very good idea! i will more than likely put this somewhere at the Manor!
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  11. Danke, meine deutsch ist bekommen besser
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  12. deutsch** and bekommen** und ja, es ist!
    would you settle for a batcake? - and yes, i put batman on everything
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  13. Will you answer this question?

    I would like 16.
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  14. why yes! :p
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  15. Making a story for your 400th batday
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  16. I would say a wool farm. Also that we are good friends and your a great person to hang around. :D Happy 400th Meghs! :3
    If i could have the number 42 please.
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  17. No idea what to suggest. I'd come up with something lame like "A leather farm" :3

    Will a question in picture form count?

    I know it's not Batman, but it's The Joker who is Batman's rival :D
    Yes that's David Tennant as the Joker. I've yet to find why, just the image online.

    Anyway, if all this works, 24 please :D
  18. <3 loveee
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  19. lmao
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  20. I'd like numero 23
    And I think it is cool that your little on and I have the same name, spelt the same way :)
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