Holiday Promo!

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  1. Finally we have the long-awaited 2013 New Years Empire Firework to join the ever-growing family of our custom fireworks. It will burst out random effects when used, and like all fireworks on EMC has infinite uses!

    Hello everyone, we've released a holiday promo, and it's a tough choice between a sweet horse, and an awesome pickaxe.

    First off, these stats you see here on the horse are permanent. These stats do not change, so it's a pretty amazing "Reindeer". 120% Speed, 30% HP, and 95% Jump. I'd say that makes a champion.

    Second but not least, we have the Holiday pick. Unbreaking 5, Fortune 4, Efficiency 5.
    It will last you much longer throughout your mining adventures, blasting through rock at top speed, and drop more than your current fortune 3 pickaxe.

    You all have a tough choice in front of you! This is just how we say "Thank you" to our wonderful community who has supported us, and continues to support us. :D

    Happy Holidays, and may the odds ever be in your favor. ;)
  2. We'll have both the "Reindeer" and Pickaxe in the shop within the day. :)
  3. I'll have to buy a few from the shop, thanks for the promo :D
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  4. Nice! *gets 100 alts*
  5. How much will they cost though? Aikar said the pick will be 50k...
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  6. What's the price?
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  7. Went out and got both promos!!! :D
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  8. Yay do ya know how much each promo will be worth in tbe shop?
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  9. I have both. :)
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  10. Its free type /promo happy holiday2013
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  11. LOL awesome. This will only be my second promo opportunity! I'm so young. But I love them.. and i will buy all the picks i can get my hands on!!
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  12. Nice! Going to log back in a get some now :p This is no tough choice for me though, Pickaxe all the way! :)
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  13. princebee, icefirepb, thehedorn, keldonhoff, mezzer01. U Mad?
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  14. Hooray! Thank you :D
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  15. *Jack and Jcplugs come along with their alts*
    "U madder?"
  16. :D Me Gusta! :cool:

    Happy Holidays!
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  17. I got Rudolph. I felt as if it was the true "Holiday Promo". I might buy the pick if anyone wants to sell it to me for 7.5k.
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  18. I had to choose the Pickaxe being that incase I might need its epicness one day. I shall have it by my side... Till that glorious moment It's the start of my Emc Promo & Gifts Wall, on display <3

    Thanks a lot for the lovely holiday gift...

  19. I have a krysyy rainbow. You mad?