Hiya I'm back well sort of.

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  1. Hi everyone I'm 99Crazy_Harrys though if there is anyone from 2011-2013 they might know me as hullmat991. Well I decided this was the right time to come back to EMC and see if anything from way back was still around and if not then I shall just rebuild it. Is there anything that has changed drastically? Is Deathtomb still around with his OUTSTANDING mazes? or what about the giant tardis that Kryssy was working on when I stopped playing?
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  2. DeathTomb moved on to another server that eventually closed down , but he went back here.
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  3. Welcome back to EMC! The tardis has been complete :p
  4. Welcome back to the server :)

    I don't fully know what the Empire was like in your time (though I have a very good guess) but... Aikar is the current owner of the server (and lead developer), Krysyy is the community manager (basically she handles all the administrative & staff overseeing tasks on EMC).

    Tons of new features have been added. I've only been playing for almost 2 years now and within that time lots of things have changed. I can only imagine that the changes must be HUGE from your perspective.

    In a nutshell: we gained better & more control over our residences (animals won't walk off & it's easier to give someone else permissions (/res cset & /res cpset <playername> are good commands to try out), we can now teleport to other players who are within our group (/invite players to your group, then you can use /gtp <name> to teleport to them. This works unlimitedly in town, outside there's a 15 min. cool down period, 3 min. cool down if someone has been in a fight and it only works with a maximum distance of 48blocks), a simple compass (or the Empire Assistant; see /assist new) can seriously help you out in survival play; it will point to the outpost you spawned on but can also point to your death point or bed or a specific coordinate of your chosing, several tweaks to vanilla mobs; for example the Wither and Elder Guardian are customized, so they'll drop tokens and xp when you defeat them, and can drop greater rewards at higher difficulty. We have a friends system, see the /friend command in-game for that. It gives you a warning when your friends come online and also allows you to see on which server they are.


    Not too long ago Aikar has released the anti griefing update. This allows you to build structures in the Frontier will are fully protected from griefing; only your friends (see /fr list) will be able to break those blocks.

    And to make this even more awesome: the protection of specific blocks (the so called 'uncommon blocks') also persists in the Wastelands. So you can also build structures there which other players simply won't be able to break (none other but your friends).

    I think that roughly covers the biggest recent changes on the Empire. There's tons more of course!

    Maybe my guide journal can help you get some ideas and of course there's also the Features and updates section on the Empire wiki, which is always a good source of information.

    I hope this can help you get a bit of an idea :)

    The giant tardis is comlete, it sits at the spawn area of SMP2. Next to a giant dalek and the castle/structure on Gallifrey which name I can never remember :)

    If you go to smp2 (/smp2) and then go to spawn (/town or /spawn) you'll see these buildings soon enough.
  5. So this is a different account than with which you played with back in the day? I don't recognise either of the names, but seeing this account joined in 2013 while you joined in 2011...
    Was this your alt?
    In any case, welcome back! :)
  6. Yup this was my alt account that I created in 2013 so I could have a resource gatherer. :)
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  7. Deathtombs?
  8. Deathtomb8953 Was a major builder back when I was still playing. He built the most amazing shops and mazes in town as well as fully fledged cities out in the wild. I was lucky enough to have been part of one of city communities that he built.
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  9. That Tardis has been complete for a while. Welcome back!
  10. Hi 99Crazy_Harrys. Nice to meet you and welcome back. :)
  11. Welcome back............Join the Dark side WE HAVE COOKIES !!!!!
  12. Deathtomb hasnt been on in like 200 days but isnt direlect cuz sum1 is votin 4 him
  13. Welcome back :) Even though I'm from 2012, I don't recognize your name or so. I wasn't really active those days, but if you think you recognize me, I was that Dutch person who was very very very bad at English. :p
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