[HIRING] Someone to help me remove a lot of water

Discussion in 'Player Jobs Available' started by Allicanto, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. I'm looking for someone to remove a lot of water, this can be done by multiple people
    So if you are interested tell me your price ;) as i dont know how much to pay for such a shitty job

    i can provide up to 4 stacks of sponges and a lot of sand
    as well as a furnace and fuel to dry the sponges

    if you are interested to help, plz pm me
    or let me know any other way so i can shoot you a pm with details
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  2. I might do it.
  3. I'm happy to help! I dont mind clearing water
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  4. wait we can swear?
  5. I’ll do it just for access to whatever it’s going to be
  6. lol you just want access to a guardian farm :p
    but sorry, i can not make that deal
    as i'm not sure if i'll want other people there yet
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  7. That word is referred to be mild so you can technically use it, just can’t abuse the word. Like if you mess up something and you say it one time you won’t be punished but if you were to use it in every sentence and/or talk about someone’s actions or builds then you could be punished.
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  8. damn i thought emc was way more tight about it
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  9. nope lol
  10. I mean it’s preferred you try to avoid using such language but what I’m trying to say is, if it were to slip on accident or something it’s okay. If you can avoid using that language though, please do! :)
  11. Well shoot, dang, and fiddle sticks. Lol
  12. Sponges and sand? I amn't going to do this: but may I suggest flying machines for whoever who is. If it's clean ocean: just make some easy gnembon flying machines to do the job, if it is an ocean monument: Ilmango also has a great flying machine / sand setup you can use for that :)
  13. Don't forget y'all'd'n't've
    For those of you wondering, this means "You all would not have"
  14. Rather, I am not is contracted to I'm not, instead of I amn't.

    This is the second time this thread has gone off-topic. :p
  15. bump, the person i hired got banned
    anyone else up for the job?
  16. I'd advise you to look this up:


    It's really easy. :)
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  17. well i tried a flying machine, didnt seem to want to work
    not sure what the problem was since it worked in creative
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