[Hiring] Designer for a large build

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  1. I am looking to hire someone to design a large build for me that encompasses two residences, including the four wide road between the two residences. I would also like to have roads for around the res designed. This can be done in creative with the finished build provided as a world download and/or a litematica file. I am willing to pay quite a bit for this build so I am looking for some high level designers. You can find reference images for the kind of build I want below, and if you think you can do it, PM me with some examples of your past work and we can discuss the job in more detail. Thanks :)

  2. ive worked for a few build teams back in the days "professionally", motivation isnt too high anymore so id need some good tempting.
    couple examples of prev builds i found somewhere on my pc easily. you can also goto my 1400 res on smp1.

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