Hi! I'm Tory XD

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  1. I'm new, first minecraft server experience :confused:
  2. Welcome to EMC!!! If you need any help ask me (us) for help!!!
  3. Welcome to EMC :)
  4. Welcome to Empire Minecraft, Tory. :)
  5. Hi Tory, Welcome to the Empire. Enjoy your stay. :)
  6. Thank you! Now I need to figure out what kind of shop to make XD
  7. Welcome to the Empire, hope you're going to enjoy it here. The game sits close to vanilla so should be decently easy to pick up. Two small tips though: /assist; it's a command which gives you access to a lot of other commonly used commands which can really help to get started.

    Second; if something puzzles you then don't forget about our wiki. Chances are high that you'll find what you're looking for in there :)

    And good luck with your shop!
  8. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft :D
  9. Welcome to the empire. If you haven't chosen your home server already, choose smp8. Smp8 has a great forum community, and lots of public facilities. Hope you like this server!
  10. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  11. Welcome to the Empire!
  12. Welcome to EMC! Don't forget to vote.
  13. Thanks! I do like those voting rupees haha

    umm two questions (sort of)..

    1 - How do I switch my residence?
    I know that presently I can only have one. I see some preferable open locations.
    Do I have to unclaim my current residence first?
    How do I get all my stuff in my current residence?

    2 - Related to servers
    I'm currently on smp1. What if i wanted a my town residence in a different server?

    I figure since I'm just getting started, it's better to move wherever I want now rather than later when I'm established
  14. unclaim your res that you have, take everything on it before, then claim it on a different server
  15. hmmm okay so I would need to grab everything I want to keep on it before switching residences in the same server too?

    I guess this is when that vault thing comes in handy haha
  16. Your name has negative connotations in my head :p (See: This)

    Welcome to EMC.
  17. ahhh hahaha my genepool is british but the Tory is short for Victory XD
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  18. Hope you enjoy your stay... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  19. Welcome Tory! Just a bit of advice: check that the lot you want is available BEFORE you unclaim yours. While on the red you want type /res info if it is vacant or derilict you can claim it. Often a lot looks empty but everything is underground or that player chooses to base in the wild, but they still get a town lot. If it is available, act quickly. The server may reassign it to a new player if you don't get it soon enough. Good luck & welcome to EMC!
  20. Also, I forgot there is a 5,000 rupee charge to force claim a property (one that's derilict).