Hi, i'm a newbie <3

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  1. Um um, you can call me Aphy, my character name is Aphaea. Either will work though..

    I came looking for a non-pvp server! This is a little confusing for me, but I am excited to join and be apart of this community!

    Also, I love helping people out, so once I get things figured out better (or even now!) feel free to ask.

    AND -

    Random facts about me

    1) I have a border collie named Ein (short for Einstein)

    2) I have tooo many favorite colors to pick just one!

    3) Yes, I am a "girl". *confetti*

    4) I also have a kitty-cat named Luna.

    5) I am an Xbox 360 and Xbox One girl - No PlayStations in this house, sorry. <3

    6) I love life, live it how it makes you and your loved ones happy.

    7) umm, I like to draw and do things with my hands (Crafts!) ^^

    8) That about sums it up, short and sweet!

    Anywho, don't be afraid to "bother me", I came to an online server to be social. I got bored all by myself.

  2. Welcome! :) Don't be afraid to ask questions, most every is helpful here. I'm sure 72volt will come along with a big explanation post :p.
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  3. Welcome to the Empire! :) If you came looking for a place to be social, then you found the perfect server.

    Oh and *cough*Playstation>xbox*cough*
  4. Don't be afraid to bother us too :) You'll learn fast how awesome our community is :D
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  5. Welcome! And XBox is better than playstation :p
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  6. A fellow Smp2 member, Welcome!

    You will find many lovely features of the Empire including the cross server '/vault' which is very useful for collecting resources from say Smp9's free wool farm. Not that I'm telling you secrets on how to get lots of wool for free or anything :p

    If you end up needing somewhere to chill on Smp2 please feel free to come across to 3153, or even use our relaxing park found at /park
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  7. hmmm
    I have somewhat of a feeling you and alice are going to get along... anyways

    I am the potato guy.
  8. Hey welcome to the server since your on smp2 you wont really see me around but if your ever on smp8 ill give you a tour. :D
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  9. Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
  10. Hello! Welcome to the Empire! You've chosen the perfect server! You will have a blast here. :)
  11. Welcome to the Empire! Feel free to ask any questions you may have, or if you need anything c:
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  12. Welcome to EMC! I hope you enjoy your time here :) If you need any help I'll help with no hesitations! :D
  13. Alright, thank you so much!! :3 The whole multiple server thing is still new to me, learning lots of things.. Mostly been out and about trying to find a good spot to dig that does not already have a billion tunnels/holes. Hehe. :)
  14. I'd have to figure out how to switch first.. *blonde*
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  15. Sadly just found an amazing tunnel to mine in.. and now I'm almost all full up! Eep, I will have to write down how to get back to it. <3 Its been very nice to me.
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  16. Welcome to the Empire! We are pleased to have new members all the time so I hope you have a great expirience on the Empire!:D
  17. Welcome to EMC :)
  18. Hello and welcome to EMC!

    To change servers, just type /server [servername] For example, to go to smp9, you'd type /server smp9

    A good way to find a spot again can be to have the co-ords. To get these, just press F3. This will give you a bunch of other information as well.

    A whole bunch of other helpful information can be found here: http://empireminecraft.com/wiki/index/

    Have fun. :)
  19. I do have a question now.. how do i get a horse back? I know to make a lead.. but I dont really have a saddle and I actually got lost in the wild >.> Whooops. Plus, can you take them through the "portals"??