[Help?] We Need YOU for Emcon

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  1. Hey everyone... MCgirl30 here.

    As some of you might know, an EMCon/Emcon party is being planned, originally for those who can't go to Minecon 2013 in Orlando, but really it's for anyone! The days of the party have changed; it's now from November 16th - 17th, and a time will be determined and posted in my next thread.

    Anyway, it'll be an awesome two-day party with games, activities, cookies, cake, free food in general, cheap rooms for rent, and players from all the EMC servers!

    However, we've lost the wanting to work of many volunteers. We need workers.

    Workers (depending on job) will be paid 175 - 275 rupees per day to work at Emcon! This includes...

    (We also would appreciate a moderator/staff member to be there, but only if one is available.) :)

    General Workers
    - Front desk people (idk what to call them) (3)
    - security (as many as we can get)

    Spleef Workers
    - assistant person to run Spleef (2)

    Drop Party
    - host (1)

    Building Challenge
    - judges (3-6)
    - announcer (2)
    - timekeeper (2)

    - scorekeeper/timekeeper

    - someone to build it! {otherwise we cant have it! :( }
    - host (3)

    Mob Arena
    - host (2)
    - workers (3)

    Matching Sheep
    - host (2)

    - shop item seller (2)
    - restaurant employees (waiters/waitresses, etc.) (6)

    Also, here are some things you can help build with...

    -spleef arena
    -2nd person to help build building challenge arena
    -gameshow arena thingy
    -matching sheep game arena
    -rental houses (we need a lot of help for that)

    So yeah... plenty of things to choose from :)

    Thank you so much! If you can work (for rupees) at Emcon, please comment below or start a conversation with minecraftgirl30! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *This is NOT staff related, nor related to previous EMCon's that were held in the past.
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  2. I'll be the host for host...
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  3. lol thx for pointing that out
  4. I can be the score/timekeeper
  5. ok great. for which event?
  6. I can try and build a nice parkour course. If I was supplied resources I could make it faster. If not, I'll still try and make it but it might take me some time because I would have to get the materials myself. Also where would I build it/how big do you want it?
  7. Just pick one for me.
  8. I can supply almost any blocks you want (besides really expensive ones and stuff). that would be great if you could build it! I can show you the place you can build it at. The size... the bigger, the better!
  9. Ummmm could u do the building challenge?
  10. sure
  11. OK awesome! This will be on EMC right? If so, you can take me to wherever it is you need me to build it. If you can't show me for whatever reason (I'm not online, you're not online, etc.) then you can send me a pm of the res number or coords in the wild. Also what theme would you like it to be? Or should I decide?
  12. Great! Ill give u the coords, ive found its just easier...
    see the convo I started with u...
    any theme is great! the party is in the beginning of November
  13. great! what is your residence? (and on what smp?)
  14. Hopefully this is a decent way into the wilderness because if not it could be griefed.
  15. I can do any one, so just pick one for me.
  16. I own 2 reses next to spawn. One on 3 and one on 8 but I prefer 3. 6002
  17. I would be happy to help build something for the event
  18. It's pretty secure =)