EMCon 2013! QnA and LiveStream!

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  1. 3rd Of January 2013! 24 Hour LiveStream at Twitch.tv!

    Information: The EMC Staff will be hosting a 24 hour LiveStream hosted on Twitch.tv for 24 hours on the 3rd of January. The LiveStream will start at 12 PM Central Standard Time (CST) and continue until 12 PM Central Standard Time the following day.

    Childs Play Charity Fund Raiser: We will be having a 'ChipIn' Widget on the livestream page that offers viewers to donate to Childs Play Charity. Our set goal is $250 USD by the end of the Live Stream. These donations go straight to the Childs Play PayPal account, we do not touch this money in any way, so it is all safe :).

    Reward for Reaching Goal: If we reach the charity goal, we will reward EMC players with a day of the plugin 'DisquiseCraft'. Similar to Halloween. The date of the reward will be discussed in more depth in the future, but will definitely happen within the month.

    Available Staff: While We wish we could provide a chance for all of you to talk to everyone, its just not possible to find a day that lines up perfectly with everyone. We are split up just as the players. Over continents and time zones. The only staff member guaranteed to be there is iSmooch, because he is hosting the event.

    'Guest' Speakers: For those of you who would like to know, we do plan to allow at least 1 user an hour to join the Mumble channel for the stream. Details on how to obtain an chance at this will be listed day of. There will be some players who have been personally invited by the staff to join the stream for short periods of time. Giving players a chance to ask questions DIRECTLY and at the same time giving those players to answer questions and give perspectives from a player side to others.

    Some 'Planned' Events: The Staff playing on an Feed the Beast Server.(For Simplicity) If you wish to join us in game while you are a guest, please have the FTB client downloaded.

    'Other' Information: The link for the Live Stream will be twitch.tv/EmpireMinecraft. All EMC rules still apply to the Live Stream Chat. Please do not break the rules as there will be moderators of the chat and discipline can extend in game if needed. If you are chosen to join in the Mumble channel, and in game for any of the events, please behave. Misbehavior can result in EMC punishment as well as future banning from any further events such as this. The minimum requirements to be chosen for the inclusion in the mumble Channel is a Microphone and Mumble. More information will be given to the chosen players at the time of choosing if any other requirements are needed.

    Please get prepared! Write down your questions! Your Staff wants to hear you! 24 hours of EMCon! Get ready Guys :).
  2. This looks lovely!
    Livestreaming is an awesome thing, for all the members on EMC.
    The thing that we now can go ask the staff questions live is another amazing thing.
    Can't wait for this, and i will be the biggest watcher :D
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  3. Nice!
    Was waiting for this post :p
    Also, I will try to watch the whole thing! >:p
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  4. Countdown:
    As of 5:49 PM GMT - 11 minutes remains.

    Live Countdown:
    The event starts at 12 PM PST. Click Here for live PST clock

    Get the signature!


    It doesn't matter if it appears as a CODE window when entering it into your signature area just click save and it will do it :) And if you want click 'Preview' to get a look just to check its working :)
  5. Second. Read the whole thing before posting xD

    Now fourth...

  6. Why not just do Ultra hardcore Skyblock build-off? It would be much more entertaining :p
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  7. Its 24 hours killer, I have to have stuff to space out. It is going to be a lot of lonely smooch time as it is. I would prefer it not be a lot of Boring Lonely Smooch time.
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  8. I wanna be a Guest Speaker :)
    I got a good mic and mumble :)
  9. Yeah You'll be the star of the show!
    *pun intended*
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  10. Very funny :)
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  11. Ok:
    Lets get cooking with the questions!

    What made you become staff?
    What do you like best?
    Do you like me?
    Am I a spammer?
    If you could choose between rainbows, ponies and fun which one would it be?
    On a scale of 1-10 how much do you EMC? (10 being best)
    I like cake, how about you?
    If I was a mod would you like it?
    Does IcC have a TNT addiction in your mind?
    Random questions are fun, agree?
    Have you ever wanted to grief someone?
    If I was going to jump into a train would you stop me?
    What brought you into Minecraft?
    Do you family/friends that play Minecraft?
    Rainbows are cool :)
    Is JackBiggin a nice person?
    Are you getting annoyed with all my questions?
    If no then here are some more :)
    People get banned a lot on EMC, do you like the PM's?
    Does it get annoying being mod?
    Is your time taken up by being mod?
    Do you like cheese?
    Ever seen annoying orange?
    Ever seen The Crack?
    Do you think I would make a good YouTuber?
    Do you have Facebook?
    Would you like to make a YouTube channel?
    Do you like my profile picture of my dog?
    Did you know that I dont like cheese?
    If you had to choose between EMC or your foot which one?
    Do you have PS3?
    Do you like PS3?
    Do you have XBOX?
    Do you like XBOX?

    And I may think of more :)
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  12. Not bad. I might want to be a guest speaker on the livestream, I could be the resident economist and the primary authority on lava wall related affairs.
  13. "The day off", Does that mean today or january the 3rd?
    Also, Did you know that me and Justinguy are both 472 days old if you do /p :)
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  14. It would be fun being a guest speaker, have had mumble used and installed for a long time use it almost everyday.
  15. I was first to ask :)

  16. somehow i'm always almost like the 20th poster lolz - Anywho, I have nothing to do that day - i'll try not make all of my questions too technical or boring lol :p - I promise to try to be there :)
  17. Yes star, you have personally pointed out to me how long you have been here multiple times. And 'The Day Of*' Means the Day of the livestream. There will probably be a thread created about 2 hours before the livestream begins to give a quick rundown on how the RANDOM selections will be done. I know it may not seem fair to some of you guys, but we need it to be random to give as many people as possible to have themselves heard. But, we did, as staff, come with a short short list of Players we would like to personally hear answer some of your guy's questions as well :). This is not because of favoritism or anything. This is simply because some players have shown and unprecedented dedication to helping the server and its players with no obligations (like being staff). If you do not get picked on the day of the livestream, its not because we do not like you guys. Because aside from the (again short short) list, it will be random.
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  18. Now im 21th :)

    Do you love me too Maxarias?
    ^- Q to Max :)
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