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  1. That would waste some time though, if you want Aikar to wait before posting.
    Perhaps we should just report his posts to suggest corrections from now on. :p
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  2. So like, I get notified every time Aikar posts something, and I have "Edit" button access just for his posts. People who see his posts before I get to them would see the "before" version, but that's fine.

    Now to bug the staff incessantly until they get tired and just create the position for me.


    EDIT: Here's my application.

    I don't have to look far to find stuff to fix in Aikar's posts. :p Here's something he just put on the front page:
    Okay, so the "you have tried to connect to an Empire Minecraft server using a now outdated Minecraft version" part is literally the opposite of the case. People get kicked for trying to connect with the new version, when EMC is using an outdated version.

    Then, the "As of Nov 14th, 2016, Empire Minecraft is on Minecraft version 1.9-1.10" part is just misleading, since it heavily implies EMC's version has changed, while it has done no such thing.

    I would also say "1.9/1.10" instead of "1.9-1.10", since the latter just looks confusing.

    Am I hired yet?
  3. Thats the most professional video editing software there is, are u familier with it?
  4. I am, but my point was that you shouldn't use minimator and then use another program to make it look better, when you can just do it all in one program
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  5. Not really sure how i xoulsve gotten that point from what you said but alright
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  6. No Such Position is available. Though this job does mostly fall to me and I have been too busy fixing things at work to fix his posts here.

    I'll fix what you've mentioned with exception to the version bit. It's meant to be a - because there were many releases between 1.9 and 1.10 that all apply as well. And for that point, the - remains (though it really should be expanded until the further releases of 1.10 :p
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  7. I said "why go through all that trouble" which was implying that you shouldn't have to do all that work but w.e
  8. Okay shahir
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  9. I'd like to apply for the build team, but have no idea how to use Imgur xP
  10. Nope. Opposite of hired.

    Your application was fired.

    I noticed that Aikar sometimes likes to be misleading. Examples: Having newer players think the server is updated ( -- on and on the Supporter page: flying on utopia (
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  12. I'd like to help too but my building skills need a ton of work aesthetically speaking of course. I'm not terrible at playing around but I don't have any software to allow a stream to be shown. I think Contributions is a great benefit to players. Yet I'm not wordy like many players I've seen here on the forums.
  13. It definitely doesn't come down to how many words you can use, but rather how you use them. The ideal candidate for the Team has an accessible but nuanced vocabulary which is delivered concisely with the appropriate English language skills (i.e. grammar, punctuation, syntax). For the Blog, we'd love applicants who can keep what they're writing not just relevant (as is needed for the Wiki) but interesting and creative. So if you or anyone think they might have those skills, send in an application, there's no harm :)
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  14. I want to join the build team. I really love to build and i have been told my builds are immpresive.
  15. I'm bad at videos. I'm bad at building. I'm bad at writing. I'm bad at everything except PvP. Is there a PvP team that helps teach new people how to not die? :I
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  16. There's books on that.
  17. Yeah but experience is better than just reading =P

    I call for a new team, one that refuses to read and or can't, and just disrespectes everyone's opinions because they have a title so they are instantly better.
  18. Whoop woop! Congrats to all the other new members of the community teams!
  19. Congrats to all of the new teams :p
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