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  1. The supporter page has different regulations than the wiki. Copyright still very much exists for Mojang textures on promotional pages.
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  2. No, it's not garbage. It just depends on what you need it for. Look at what Alex and Krysyy can create with it, it's definitely not garbage.
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  3. We're already seeing some awesome potential rolling in for ALL teams. WOOT! :D
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  4. Stupid question time - While I'm not applying for the Contribution Team, I had another idea for a blog post. I could swear there was a submission form for that, but I can't find it anywhere. Am I losing my mind? Should I just convo it to Kryssy, FDNY, and AlexC once I'm done it? Thanks :)
  5. We're working on moving it to where it's more visible:

    Or you could just apply :p
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  6. Thank you!

    Matheus already tried to con me into the contribution team. :p You know what I spent 6 hours doing this past Thursday? A 21 page technical document for work. I frequently have to write 20-60 page documents for my job. Writing only amuses me when the mood strikes. If I applied for the contribution team, I'd feel obligated to write. That would result in work related PTSD spasms, and I'd wind up writing nothing. That would truly stink. If I just submit a blog post every now and then, I'm happy to have written something folks hopefully enjoy, and EMC gets a blog post. Win-win.

    Now building on the other hand... That does NOT remind me of WORK ;)
  7. And the current supporter images aren't impacted by copyright?
  8. Haha, yeah we will continue to poke you though. Just saying. :cool:
    The post every now and then is fine by me since your other posts have worked well with it.
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  9. It kind of is tbh
  10. That is a known issue that Jack and I were just discussing alternatives for in Slack exactly 55 minutes ago. However, as discussed with you multiple times now, we aren't going to change them until we know that what we are changing them to is NOT a copyright issue. If you had a different texture, then yours would have worked.

    I have to make a few custom textures for items we want to use, but then I should be able to change those with my Mineimator experience. That, or we'll just get some graphics from an artist we're looking at and stick them in to have it done. Either way, it's nearing the top of my to-do list and will be done by first of the year.
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  11. Whatever you say, but this has been a thing for over a year now... Not only that but you've been disregarding the Eula as well with the ability to purchase rupees and the pay to win perks you get from supporter ranks
  12. An issue that could be solved if you used a different texture pack instead, as we told you at the time. Complaining now, when you had the opportunity to make the change, makes no sense. I have to take time out of my other tasks in order to fix what you didn't. I have other things to attend to, so it doesn't go to the top of my list.

    Going forward, not backwards here. I'm talking with Aikar again about this issue simultaneously as this thread proceeds.
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  13. My point is that it's kind of dumb considering that it's been well over a year and you haven't changed it to another image. Not once have I said to use mine specifically. Not only that but you wouldn't be making money off of the pictures, you'd be making money off of the perks that you give to players that go against the Eula. At this juncture it seems pointless to argue against an admin that tries to be right whenever a player disagrees with your opinion
  14. As this has nothing to do with the thread topic, please take this to a private pm with me instead of derailing the thread more. This thread needs to get back on track.
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  15. It never was on track
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  16. You're right, it's on the forums.
    *Bazinga!* (It's funny because Track is a separate website used by the devs/staff to handle support tickets and development)

    Okay that was a horrible pun (and moose is smiling ear to ear), but I mean let's get this thread back to pertinent questions and comments regarding the Community Team Applications please.
  17. I may apply for the contribution team. I've done some thinking about it, but I'm unsure if it's something I'd truly want to do. If I can still apply on Tuesday I just may apply. For now it's a no.
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  18. You can always apply. There is no timer on this.
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  19. I'm probably gonna just wait a few months to apply. I don't have enough builds to show off and I definitely don't have enough good builds.
  20. Can I be on the Contribution Team with the sole job of correcting all of Aikar's future posts?