Help my computer (50k Bounty)

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  1. Right, that is exactly the performance you should be getting with your specs. I have a few theories as to what the problem would be. I'll have to try them out and see.
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  2. Ok, I downloaded skype, ill PM you the username
  3. Looks like that solution worked. Let me know if you run into any issues and I'd be happy to help.

    No payment is necessary :)
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  4. It sounds like you cooked the thermal paste off of the processor or gpu. If the internal fan is half clogged with dust, then that is also gonna make it worse. Forcefully blow against the flow of air to try and get the dust out of the fan and cooling fins.
    It may be necessary to have the unit taken apart and new paste applied, or if it's running super hot, there may already be irreversible damage to the system board:(.
    My gaming desktops (I have 4, plus several consoles in the house) require me to take them apart and manually remove dust about every 3 months or else I begin to see heat/performance issues. Depends on the area where the computer is used and how clean it is.
    Anyone who is reading this should consider how important cooling is and learn how to aggressively maintain their equipment. Running high end gaming is very hard on computers and will push them to their limits.
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  5. The CPU/GPU are soldered - this is a laptop :)
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  6. How hot do your computers get? Thermal paste doesn't need to be re-applied at all as long as it isn't wiped off.
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  7. Just a quick note, it seems like Haro fixed your issue, so great job there. In the future though, be watchful of changes in your computer when you make hardware upgrades. It sounds like you have made a few hardware changes to your laptop in the past, which can lead to issues (especially in laptops that are difficult to upgrade).

    The CPU is soldered, but according to OP the GPU is not soldered and has actually been changed out. As I said, it seems that Haro has solved the issue, but always keep a watchful eye out OP, especially when you may think you smell burning plastic. Usually that is a very bad sign and the computer should immediately be shut down and taken to a professional before further damage is done.

    Just my 2 cents :)
  8. Thanks, but just a few things, my laptops ram is very easy to upgrade, you just open the lid, take out the ram and put in new ones. The only screws involved is the case. And I did not change my GPU lol, I don't even think I can on my laptop :p
  9. I quoted just_five_fun.
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  10. The heat sink on laptops that I have serviced is still mounted in a similar manner to desktops even if the cpu and gpu are soldered to the motherboard. I have seen 2 examples of motherboards with the solder joints cooked off because the cooling didn't keep up with the demand.
    A modern computer should know it's overheating and reduce power even if it hurts performance, but it doesn't always seem to work. I can only guess in those examples why the results were what they were.
    Luckily, this doesn't seem to be the case for the OP, but i am interested in details. I am always trying to learn.
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  11. Uh? Seems like Haro did a good job, but what was the problem in the end? I'd like to know :p
  12. ^Too many eggs for breakfast^ :p
  13. Screen tearing, frame rate drops, 100 percent disk usage all the time, and some mouse issues
  14. I meant I wanted to know how it was resolved ;)
  15. Try to get a new mouse and wipe off the computer, my laptop gets really hot so just get a gel-fan and they work really well. For FPS i think you might need to un-install the game and re install? BTW i have not much computer experience, but this has happened to a couple times (My uncle fixed it =P)
  16. Unless I am mistaken, it looks like WTFast has nothing to do with fps. Instead it tries to optimize your connection to different servers. It still is most likely a scam though especially given the CEO's response about the technology inside.
  17. Ok, so by updated you must have been the graphics drivers then? And thats good that you can easily upgrade your RAM, thats becoming less common in laptops as manufacturers attempt to make them slimmer and lighter.

    Also, like everyone else I would be interested in knowing what the problem and the solution was. The issues you posted are the result of something being wrong, not the actual problem itself. Those of us here on EMC who are fascinated by this sort of stuff are all interested in knowing what was wrong and how Haro fixed it.
  18. Maybe try running ccleaner, and disabling some background programs
  19. 1) Steam had its settings so that it was updating numerous games while he was playing, it was pinning the disk at 100% IO usage.

    2) VSync was off, causing a lot of tearing when the FPS dropped. Changed the setting to triple buffered.

    3) Removed a program he had installed that was using a lot of IO under the PID 4 process. I'm not sure how exactly that one made any logical sense, but people on windows forums were having the same problems with said program and removing it did reduce the PID 4 resource usages by quite a lot.

    Also, CPU temps maxed out at 68 degrees and the GPU maxed out at 62.
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