Help my computer (50k Bounty)

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  1. For the past few months my computer has been having "issues"
    All the time randomly it makes my FPS go super low and mouse sensitivity also for some reason.
    It happens in any game or software and its really annoying. Also some other issues is that it makes my laptop super hot and my fan really loud, it smells like burning plastic and feels like you could fry eggs on it. Ive updated my graphics card also.
    It gives me from around 120 fps to around 20 fps randomly for a short period of time.
    Also there is tons and tons of screen tearing which is also really annoying.
    This shouldnt happen on a 1.5k gaming laptop with the settings on low!
    Whoever can help fix this problem for me will earn 50 thousand rupees!
  2. for better FPS try downloading Optfine, that can improve your FPS
  3. Im not talking about minecraft lol, it happens in every game, such as GTA, CSGO, ect
  4. What laptop do you have? If it smells like burning plastic you really have a problem... It could be something as simple as cleaning off the fan.
  5. Lenovo Y50
    Only sometimes it smells like that, but it could be something else im smelling
  6. How long have you had your laptop? Clean it if you've had it for awhile.
  7. Had it for about a year, cleaned it 2 months or so ago when I installed new ram
  8. problem fixed
    get a new one
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  9. Yeah because I just have a few thousand dollars laying around
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  10. Update your nvidia drivers? My fps drops dramatically for a few seconds if I am playing a video whilst playing league. I have a lenovo y510p. Is the y50 one with 4k resolution? Cannot remember.
  11. Mine is 2015 version of the Lenovo y50, its a great computer and it should run Counter strike on low setting at above 120 fps and not have screen tearing all the time. Ive updated them many times, it just makes it worse
  12. Do you have a skype or discord? I can nearly guarantee I can fix this for you :p

    Message me.
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  13. Well I might as well give this a shot. Try out WTFast.
  14. Will do, in a match atm so ill skype you in a bit, I havent used skype in 2 years so hopefully I remember my username
  15. Other people have had the exact same problem with your computer and it looks like the fps issues are because it is throttling your performance to keep the temperature down. Could there be anything blocking the vent on the bottom like dust? Try cleaning off the vent on the case.
  16. Please do not do this. These do nothing but elevate the game process to a higher priority, something you can do from Task Manager. Total and udder scam.
  17. Really is that so? Ill try and clean off my case I guess, my keyboard is also very warm which is something else to add
  18. I also suspect it has something to do with thermal throttling, I'll have to try MSi Afterburner or something and see what the actual bottleneck is.
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  19. In a laptop particularly, it's extremely hard to pinpoint the source of system heat since every laptop is physically configured differently and the best way to tell what the problem is would be through software like PrecisionX, MSi Afterburner, or AIDA 64.

    You are correct in that your CPU and your GPU (i7-4710HQ & GTX 860M) should be very capable of running CS:GO without any issues.
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  20. This also used to not be an issue, it ran GTA 5 on Ultra everything at a constant 100 something fps, now, I use low settings and get massive frame rate drops and other issues