Help me I went to 1.5!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by ErikRodhi, Mar 16, 2013.


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  1. Ok so I knew that EMC would take a while to download 1.5 but sence I saw this link:

    I felt ok to just check it out then "restore it" once I tried to restore it to a earlier version I saw no time that was near when I downloaded 1.5.

    So can someone please tell me how to restore my 1.4.7 Minecraft? I couldn't find the file to restore it.
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  2. You can download the downgraded version from google
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  3. Good idea, leme try that.:oops:
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  4. Nope, and now I broke my Minecraft, would uninstalling Minecraft and Installing it again work?
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  5. no but if *someone* were to send you a 1.4.7 jar then you would be fine
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  6. Search for 1.4.7 jar's on the net and replace it with you're 1.5 jar
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  7. Nah I like completely trashed my minecraft :(
    This is kinda what my bin looks like:

    -folder- natives
    I don't know what this combination means but it makes my Minecraft crash.
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  8. Now it looks like:

    -folder- natives
    version <- claimed it was 1.4.7 jar
    I already deleted 1.5 jar
    Still not working :(
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  9. I'm sorry but after seeing so many posts with this exact same title....
    This is my reaction...

    Anyway, You can just go download the jar files for 1.4.6/1.4.7 on Minecraft Wiki, download magic launcher and you can switch Jar files out super easy

    For some reason i cannot imbed video URLs.......
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  10. Here is what you need to do.
    Google Minecraft Magic Launcher and download that.
    Look for "Setup" (that should be the one that brings up something like a list)
    Near the top there should be a button labeled "Select" next to the name of the jar file and your current MC Version.
    Now you just have to download the Jar files from Minecraft Wiki.
    Then figure out where it saved the new Jar file you downloaded to.
    Hit the "Select" button and locate the file you downloaded.
    and then it should downgrade you to whatever version you desire!
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  11. To anyone reading this, it's not hard to avoid this mistake. Just create a folder called "Versions" in your .minecraft file. Before downloading anything else, copy (not cut) and paste your current (1.4.7) minecraft.jar from the "bin" folder into the "Versions" folder. Rename it minecraft1.4.7.jar. Then do the same every time you download a new version of Minecraft (naming each new jar file after its version). When you want to restore an older version, just delete the minecraft.jar file from your bin folder (make sure you have a backup copy), and replace it with whichever version you want to use. Finally, rename the jar file to minecraft.jar (if it had a different name). If you use Magic Launcher, it makes it even easier to switch between versions.
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  12. Simple way to downgrade.
    Type %appdata% in the start menu of your windows computer.
    Right click .minecraft
    Select restore to previous versions
    Find the 1.4.7 folder
    Click apply.
    Play EMC
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  13. :DWhoa you guys weren't kidding that was as easy as pie! Magic Launcher Rocks!!!!

    Thanks so much!:D:D
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  14. Can someone post a link for where to find the downgraded version, I don't know why I cant find it...:oops:
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  15. Unfortunately we can't link you, that would be illegal. But google DEFINITELY won't help you ;)
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  16. Hmm there some threads about this :p. Plus in each one i gave links to help people. Thought none of it is illegal, you can do it - type in google download minecraft 1.4.7 and there you go lol. you can share links.
  17. I don't have a problem with sharing the links to be quite honest, if you've paid for the game but yes it is a violation of copyright law (in the US and most other countries) and technically that's not allowed on EMC :)

    Just a note to Xenorai, that is a 1.4.7 pre-release, not 1.4.7 :)
  18. Thought yes the first link is the re-relese, But all the others are 1.4.7 :)

    Hmm you could say that about mods as it mess's with the minecraft.jar and people share them. Just saying mind you.

    Sorry thought i will be more carefull with links -

  19. Have a look at this site. :)
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  20. It's like sharing movies (or in the case of a .jar, perhaps a script) - strictly speaking you can't do it, even if the person you're sending it to owns a version of the movie.

    Those people are incorrect, it's still illegal even if the recipient owns a copy... you wouldn't really get into trouble for it though haha. Plus this is a public forum and even if you're not a member you can read these threads, so the whole "they own copies so it's all good" is voided.

    That's pretty much where my knowledge of this kind of stuff ends. :)

    *EDIT* -.-