Help me find this griefer.

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  1. For some reason, this griefer seems ALWAYS targets me. SMP7, LLO. House gets half burned down. SMP3, XP grinders blown up. SMP8, flooded/boated/robbed.
    And now this. I'm pretty sure it's not the same person, but it makes me mad that I wasted 10 hours+ building this house and that griefers are attracted to my buildings. The only good news is that now I have a new outpost in SMP6, and I am stripping my house and bringing it with me. Also most of my valuable were in my locked chest. But still, I want to find this person as soon as possible. If moderators can help that would be nice. They pretty much griefed the entire outpost, including my Community Mine.
    I know it's a slim chance that someone will find him, but I would like to just say that griefing is just getting sad now. I can't believe people like doing this..... it's sad.

    If MissMadison910 would like me too remove these pictures because of the coords, just message me in a PM.
  2. We've caught several who have done this and so have the mods. All we can really do is rebuild :/
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  3. Doesn't r0bbiejo have a service of helping people who've been griefed?
  4. You should PM one or some of us. But as I've seen this already, I'll do my best to try to help you.

    Other than glass/stone/etc - were any other blocks destroyed? Anything interesting or valuable?
    What time period has this happened?
    What are the coordinates on smp8? (And again, time period)

    PM me this info, and I can get started looking into it.
  5. Griefer caught and banned.
  6. Efficient!
  7. Hey, we should make a nonprofit insurance group on EMC. All insurance fees go to the repairs of griefings, nowhere else. Could the mods perhaps run something like this, since they're trusted?
  8. Already been done. Sopby started it a few months ago.

    Davie - how!? You catchem last night?
  9. Well... I wouldn't really call Sophy/Malicaii's charity an insurance group. More just a friendly charity where you can get help if you're griefed - no need to have any "contract" in place with them in advance. :)
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  10. No just now, saw the pics of obvious fire damage, seen that they where taken within a day, checked when OP logged on smp6. Chucked all that info at square and it gave me a name.
  11. It could grow a lot more if everyone pitched in with fees to fund it in return for priority protection. Although it would mean that rich users would be prioritised above poor users. Which would in turn mean those which work the hardest get the most protection. Yes. Let's do this.
  12. I hate to say it, but I believe when looked into, it's not allowed. There's not an official ban on insurance itself, but similar things have been banned. I can't really explain it, so I'll just link you to two things that hopefully can: - Comes from a thread about EMC Insurance

    The first link basically give's you the general idea of what the second link explains (which was posted by Eyecar). They just seem to be so open for scams (I'm not saying you'd scam anyone, just in general).
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  13. I suggested we have the mods run it so there won't be scams.
  14. Don't take this in the wrong way... and expect this to be explained terribly...

    Long long ago, there was a mod who was unmodded. No, I'm not going to name any names, but this player is no longer with us. They're not banned, but they've not logged in for a while. Obviously, this player was selected as a mod because J&J thought he was trustworthy, but it turned out that he wasn't.

    Now, I don't know the time frame of when this happened, how it happened, or to what extent it happened - all I know is that at some point, this mod abused the teleport command (I can only presume that's why the tp question is in the mod app, and /g can't be used to teleport others unless senior staff). May seem minor, but it basically allowed players he was friends with to cheat.

    Slot this into insurance, and there's two things that could happen:
    1. Our lovely trustworthy mods turn into evil tyrants. Not saying it'll happen, but there's always a chance. Incidents_happen where unexpected things happen... and that's just the way it is. I personally trust each and every mod here. Does that mean I am right to? Probably.
    2. Our lovely trustworthy mods get bogged down in insurance stuff when they could be doing more important stuff like catching the bad guys. They're already overloaded with reports (or at least last time I checked, they were), and this would just add even more to the que on Square. As Davie showed, they've got magic that can let them catch people, but this would have to be manual, and I can imagine it not being the most fun thing ever.
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  15. We don't like / allow the idea of rupee banks because there is a high risk of scams - and it's tough to have a trail for everything. Generally, we also don't run anything as "mods". We've got our own shops and such - but not in an "authoritative" stance if that comes across right. Basically, everything we run is just as if we were a player.

    Because there's not really secure investing / interest rates in EMC - it would be hard to implement anything that resembles a real world insurance company. It pretty much comes down to donation groups as done before.
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  16. Doubtful. I like your enthusiasm. I think sopby and malicai are doing a great job. I'm sure they wouldn't turn down donations.
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  17. Well, perhaps they could offer a premium service, where people who donate above average weekly or monthly get priority treatment and perhaps surveillence to a degree?

    Well, rather than have an individual mod run it, why not have ICC create an official griefing contingency fund run by all staff to block any blows dealt to the community by griefers?
  18. Most of us at LLO help each other if someone gets hit no rupee transactions or relief fund. Just a group of good natural people out there :D
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  19. Organization helps a lot in larger communities though :)
  20. So does this basically mean we need more staff, for like wild reasons? I personally think we don't because the wild is a dangerous place with creepers and such after all.