Help Krysyy (and Moose) make a Wedding Hashtag =)

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  1. So you may have heard (not like it's a secret or anything) that Moose and I will finally be tying the knot on April 1, 2016. I feel like I've been planning this wedding for ages now so I am super excited to have everything over with in 2 weeks =)

    However, I need your help. Moose and I would love to have a wedding hashtag.
    What's that you ask? Well it's this quirky little saying that comes after a # sign and is used on twitter etc for your guests to tag your photos so that you can find them all later on apps like Instagram, Twitter, etc. (I'm sure most of you know this, but humor my terrible explanation).

    Anywho, Moose and I came up with some, but nothing that we really love.
    So I thought: Who better to come up with one than my awesome second family? They're hip and with the times daddy-o. (Seriously meant to be a joke, don't kill me for being old)

    Details about wedding that may help you think:
    • My maiden name (the one currently) is Rodenbeck.
      • This has been public knowledge for a long time. Just look at Starlis' website or Facebook, so I don't mind listing it here.
    • My married name will be Hess.
      • Seriously excited about no longer playing the 'r,o,d as in dog, e, n as in nancy, b as in boy, e,c,k' mantra with every person over the phone. I promise I didn't choose Moose for his last name. =P
    • We are having a Doctor Who and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy wedding.
      • Yes, I know I said I wouldn't originally, but those that know my obsession with DW knew that it was going to end up that way in the end anyway. We've even built a TARDIS and my awesome brother is making a K-9 ringbearer.
    • My name is Krystal. His name is Steven.
      • Shocker I know. Moose has a real name....
    • Wedding Date: April 1, 2016
    Anything else that you want to know when you are thinking of awesome hashtags, just ask and I'll (maybe) tell ya. We'd prefer that the hashtag not currently be in use and Hess is a more common name so test on Twitter before you post here please.

    Oh, I almost forgot. The person that comes up with the hashtag I end up using will get 30,000r from my alt's stash. So it's completely legit and kept away from any official Empire events funds. Don't lynch me please. I just want to offer some creative inspiration in the form of delicious moneys (Moose typed that).

    Post your hashtags. No limit per person. Bonus points for puns (Moose typed that too).

    If no one has posted one of adequate amaze-ness by Sunday March 20th at 11:59 pm EMC time, then the best so far will get the prize. Good luck and happy hashtagging!
  2. #Tldr
    Edit: Also why a hashtag for a wedding ?
  3. #Hessenbeck


  4. #WhovianHitchikers
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  5. #KrystalAndStevenAreTheNew42
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  6. #TheEMCCouple
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  7. #EMCsAprilFoolsWedding2016
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  8. Congratulations Krysyy :]

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  9. #StoneSlabsAreAwesomeAndYouKnowWhatElseIsAwesomeBaconOhAndMooseAndKrysyyAreOkay


    And there is all of my creative juices.
  10. #I'mnotgoodwithhashtags...
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  11. #MooseAndKrysyySittingInaTree
    #Hashtags #Make #You #Sound #Like #A #Robot #Now #You #Are #A #Robot #too
    #I #Want #30k #Congrats #Krysyy #And #Moose
    (Sung to the Doctor Who Theme)
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  12. Old? ;) Come back in another 20 years young lady, then we'll see who's old :cool:

    (sorry, couldn't resist :D).

    Ok, uhm, hashhogs...


    Maybe more to come later ;)
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  13. #HessIsTheNewRodenbeck <-- Really proud of coming up with this
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  14. # Just use the doctor's name
    Oh wait...

    You wont get this unless you watch the show ;)
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  15. #WibblyWobblyWeddingStuff





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  16. #marriagegoals
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  17. Ooo i got a good one #KrysyySmellsLikeMooseButt
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  18. April 1st?

    Hmm... I foresee this as a prank. :p
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  19. #JustHitched
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