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  1. I'm Katelyn and I'm BRAND NEW here so I should apologize for everything I do now. Haha. For real though, I am not only new to the server but also pretty new to Minecraft. I've been playing single player for a few weeks and figured I should try the multiplayer world now and I'm so excited about it. I looked at a lot of other servers and I feel like this one will be best for me. Hoping I will learn much more about this game and make some new friends while doing so. If you laugh at your own jokes (or just yourself in general) - we'll get along great. I'm the funniest person I know.

    Nice to "meet" you all. :)
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  2. Welcome! We're happy you're here! Hopefully you enjoy your time on EMC and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! :D
    (Also, smp6 is the best)
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  3. Welcome to EMC, smp4 rules
  4. Ohai there.
    Welcome to the Empire, if you have any questions just ask, people would be happy to answer your questions :)
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  5. Welcome to EMC! If you have any questions feel free to ask, or take a look at the Wiki! The Contribution Team has done an awesome job with it, and making it as easy to find what you need in it :)
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  6. Welcome to the Empire!

    Then I think you're in for a good time (assuming you like playing Minecraft of course ;)). Thing is: EMC tries to stay close to vanilla Minecraft so it doesn't add too many features which you wouldn't find in the regular game.

    That is... Not in the survival worlds (Wastelands for mining / resource gathering & Frontier for building). For example: once you head out into the Waste you'll need to find your way back to an outpost before you can teleport back to town. This somewhat mimics what you'd have to do in single player (there you'd also need to find your way back to your base in order to secure your spoils).

    EMC is a very friendly server where the focus really lies on having fun, cooperation and (my favourite): non-PVP (though we do have PVP arenas). In my opinion you couldn't have found a better server to start with (but... I'm biased ;)).

    If you ever wonder what specific things are different on the Empire in comparison to vanilla (single player) then check out this wiki page.

    Anyway, hope you're going to like it here. And as the others said above me: be sure to ask if you got questions! There is no such thing as a dumb question! My tip: don't try to take EMC all in at once, trust me: you'll fail. Empire Minecraft is waay too extensive for that. And if you don't believe me then check out our wiki which Cami already mentioned above ;)
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  7. Welcome! Smp9 is weird and it rules. What SMP did you land on?
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  8. Welcome to EMC! If you have any questions just ask :)
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  9. Hey,
    You picked the best server there is
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  10. Welcome to emc I hope you enjoy you're stay if you got any question just ask (ignore my grammar mistakes i am know for them:oops:).
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  11. welcome :D if u are weird come to smp8
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  12. If you are weird and proud come on down to smp8 were we are all weird and awesome.
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  13. If anyone on smp8 offers you a fish, do not under any circumstances accept it. (it is binding)

    Oh, and welcome to EMC. I've sent you a voucher that will allow you to use town chat from the wild.

    Some quick tips:

    Check out the livemap (/map in game for a link), it's a great way to see what's around and to keep from getting lost.

    There are active outposts on smp7 and smp8 (as well as others) that are open to new members. If you're looking to join a group you could post on the forum and I'm sure others will respond.

    Good luck and have fun!
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  14. In true n00b-like fashion, I don't know. Haha. I'm sure it told me and/or it is right in front of my eyes....but CLEARLY not seeing it. How do I find out? Thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks for the tips!! Much appreciated!
  16. Seems like it so far! :)
  17. Two posts in a row about SMP8 being weird.... NICE! :-P
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  18. Thank you so much for all the helpful information!! So many people are commenting offering to help, awesome group of people. I'm sure I will like it here. Thanks again!
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  19. Just a sec. You landed on... smp1.
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  20. Welcome :) I joined pretty much the same way you did, except almost 2 years ago. I had just played minecraft for the first time about a month before I joined EMC and I made some embarrassing noob mistakes lol. If you need help, just ask :).
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