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  1. Hi everyone.

    I'm new to minecraft - been playing the single player for a couple of weeks and this is my first foray into multiplayer.

    Its all a bit mind boggling, but I'm getting there......
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  2. Welcome to EMC! Hope you enjoy it here
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  3. Aha, and another forum introducee from smp2 :) Nice, welcome to the Empire Toople!

    EMC is quite unlike single player but there are plenty of similarities. For example like mining in the wastelands. The main resemblance here is that you go out, mine and need to come back before you can leave (outpost). A bit like building your own, going out to mine and then (trying to) find your way back.

    Of course there are also plenty of other players here :)

    Yes, EMC can be quite confusing at first because its a pretty complex server which has a lot of different features and options. My tip: don't try to take it all in at once. Go step by step and you'll learn soon enough. And when all else fails then simply remember the wiki and all the other players online.

    SMP2 is a very nice server (IMO anyway) and most players there are always willing to help someone out when they got a few questions or run into issues. So be sure to think about that as well.

    Alas... Hope you're going to have a great time here!
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  4. Thanks for the welcome guys :)

    I'm just experimenting with building my first shop.
    I figured the way to go was to try and specialise in something - so I'm growing a forest of Birch Trees on my res with the intention of supplying Logs, and everything that can be crafted from just Birch Logs. Just logs supplied so far. I had a quick scout around and have set my price at 2r per log, which undercuts everything else I saw.
    I've just discovered shears (I never used them in the single player version) which is a big time saver and cuts considerable harvesting time - however this seems unsustainable as it seems to stop the saplings spawning.
    Is there a market for leaves? Not sure I can see any real use for them..... Am I best off clearing the leaves by hand?

    My main question though - I read the shop wiki and the general guidance seemed to be to scout the competition and react to supply and demand. Is there any way that I can see the inventory in another players shop, to get some idea of supply levels? The only interaction I seem able to work out with shops is to buy (or sell) - but not to get any information beyond the actual price.
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  5. 1) Save the leaves! Save everything dude! Larger variety = $$$ However, I'm not sure about how much demand there are for leaves.
    2) If I were you, I'd collect a stack of saplings, then turn everything else into leaves. It all depends on how big your birch tree farm is.
    3) Go to /v 2000 if you need to refer to the normal price around EMC if you need to. Check the buy price there for things you wish to sell, then sell them for moderately lower, but at a slightly lower quantity. That's how I made my first million in another server.

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  6. Thanks :)

    I cannot get to /v 2000 as it is on a different server.

    I just had my shop bought out (3x64 Birch Logs - lol) and the dude obviously took pity on my because he gave me a diamond axe too :)

    I've just discovered that if I harvest just the logs, then as the leaves decompose, then the saplings spawn and a large number of them make it to the ground to be collected. This looks the most efficient way at the moment for me going forward .
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  7. I've also spelt out "Birch Shop" in cobblestones on the ground, so that it is visible on the map - with a bit of luck that will direct people to me (If I cannot keep the shop supplied, then I suppose I will have to put the prices up)
  8. Yeah, you'll get most saplings from simply removing the wood from a tree and leaving the leaves to despawn naturally. That's bound to get you a lot more sapplings. So I'd mix a little with chopping trees. Strip one of everything and leave the other to despawn.

    I think the market for leaves is small, but that could be a perfect advantage for you. But; I dunno.

    Commonly speaking: no. You cannot access chests on other residences unless people gave you access. Some players may have added preview signs (so you can see inside) but it's not a common thing.

    Also keep the following in mind: prices also differ per server. So its perfectly possible for prices on smp1 (res. 2000) to be quite different from those on smp2. It's also a bit of an issue of trying and experimenting.

    Already told you in-game but figured I'd still add it here too because other players might also consider it useful: /smp. Without a number you'll get an overview of all the different servers, and all you need to do is click the right wool color. Or you can use: /smp#. Where # is a number from 1 to 9 (smp1 to smp9). There's also /utopia, but I think that's not really interesting at this time (supporter server, has 120x120 size residences).

    Use /vault if you need to transfer stuff across servers.

    So yah ;) Now to head back online 8)
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  9. Welcome to the Empire Toople! I wish you good luck with your shop and I hope you enjoy the server!
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  10. Welcome! You need anything, come to SMP7! Justin8846 would be happy to help! (HEHE) Anyway, hope you have fun!
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  11. Thats nice of you. I actually would be happy to help though! :p
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  12. As would I!
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  13. Welcome to the Empire!
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  14. Welcome to the Empire you will do well here I think :)
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  15. Welcome to the Empire Toople. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  16. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  17. Welcome to the Empire Minecraft!
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  18. Welcome to the empire! :D I hope you have fun here, and remember: if you're having any problems, remember there are lots of people in-game and most certainly on the forums available for help! :)
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