hello there i will tell you about the greatest day in history ...

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you send my a presend

yes 4 vote(s) 44.4%
maybe no 5 vote(s) 55.6%
  1. hello you may alrady now but 28 september is my birday

    im not planing any emc related birday events besides maybe opening my mail xd but noting else becouse im tho lazzy and dond want tho do any ting on my birday maybe play some emc but thats it eat a lot drink a lot sleep unpack spresends and stuf open my /mail

    but if u wanted tho give my any cake or or presends /mail send daanhu i will open my mail at 28 september
    i become 15 on 28 september i will go in the deep grounds of turning 15 i will go in the unown spesialy for you [not becouse im getting older ]
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  3. xd
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  4. Progryck did a great job. :D
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  5. yes he has 1 muchys better 1
  6. interesting
  7. yes get your presends rady its in 7 days
  8. get rady my birday is in 6 days so
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  9. Just two nights' sleep left!
  10. i survived the nigt of horors i lost my pilow and fell a sleep on the coutch and my pillow dit fall next tho the coutch so i notest after 4 hours of putting my head in weart posisions but

    its my birday tho day dond forget tho send birday card / presend
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  11. happy birthday god emperor daanhu
  12. u now merrek gives good gift
    in cludes 2 ilitra 1 turkey slicer anoug tnt tho blow op somting big wondering waht i shut blow up suggestion down below please 12 stacks of rockeds and 4 netrite pickaxes
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  13. farmerguyson gave me a nice nice nice amount of tnt i got 14 stacks of tnt total so i can maybe blow up maga let me now any sugestions also 2 stacks of diamond blocks and 4 stacks of emrolds 4 beacons 1 condueat 6 diamond ore and 4 deepslate emerold ore
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  14. zomberina got me a code for a steam game im not gona tell you but i got 7 days tho die cinda working on it but becouse small hart drive and 3d games rilllllly lagging on my pc so i need a extra hard drive but its a ok game so far
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  15. Yeah, I wasn't sure what type of pc you were running. It's not the most optimized game but you can dumb its graphics down pretty far to accommodate :)
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  16. na play some day
  17. maybe i can join you learn some tings some tings ar more fun tho gether
  18. day 2 of goin in the deep pit of the un nown of turning 15 ther is fog efry were its like so denken u cant see any ting
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  19. tnx tectock
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