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You like cake?

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  1. Hello, my name is THEmotionMAST3R Iv never posted an actual thread, so this is the very first thread that I have written. Well im going to introduce myself properly.. Here goes nothing! I am from New Zealand, the 2 sports I play are, Softball and Rugby, I started minecraft in 2013, I started EMC a while ago but had to have a long break because my Graphics Card wasnt good enough to play minecraft but now I got a new laptop! I currently have a promo/rare shop in smp5. Theomglover introduced me to Emc and he is also helping me build my shop, my brother plays Emc FlaminAmazin but.. He forgot the password to minecarft D: The reason why I have stayed on emc is because I enjoy the community, I mean they are so friendly! There is only one thing I would die for… Cake! I love cake it delicious! Even my skin is a cake.. Please dont eat me ;) I also have some goals :)


    • Be a Master Of Cake (Cake lord)

    • Be a supporter

    • Just have fun!

    Post pictures or comment the type of cake you like :)
    Well I think thats me for now, thanks everyone for reading this even though im like 500 Days old :p
  2. Hello friend ;)
    You never got a warm welcome from me so here goes!

    Welcome To The Empire THEmotionMAST3R!
    Banana Cake :)
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  3. Welcome to the Empire minecraft :) If you have any questions feel free to ask :) and, 500 days is still about 1/3 of how long I'ave been here, so, don't worry :p
    and, of corse, here's some cake:

    In Dutch we call this "Oma's appeltaart" I don't know what it is in Englisch :)
  4. Hello!
    At the moment, my favourite's definitely Mon Chou.
    The one my mother makes looks a bit like this one:

    It's so good!! :D

    (the one Jelle posted is great too!)
  5. Hello there, and welcome to the Empire! Like I always say have a skele-ton of fun.

    My favorite cake would have to be Chocolate Truffle :p
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  6. Hello master of motion!
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  7. Welcome to the Empire! Cake is always good, can't go wrong with a good sponge cake :D
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  8. yea sponge cake is epic! my fav is the straw berry tho u know like how sum places put straw berry syrup or mayb starberries on top that tastes rlly gud
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  9. Thanks everyone for all the types of cakes you like and also for a warm welcome :)
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  10. Welcome to EMC! My favourite cake is Lemon Cake :p
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  11. i like lemon cake 2 but only if its got the little crumb things on top so tht its got a lil bit of crunch to it otherwise its like soggy and gross and i dont rlly like it
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  12. Strawberry jam in the middle though... that's where it's at.
  13. eh i dont like jam where u have the seeds in the jam cuz then like it gets in ur teeth and stuff ewwww

    but ye strawbelly jelly or seedless jam is rlly gud

    edit: omg i just saw i wrote strawbelly instead of strawberry on accident omg thats so good hahahahahah
  14. Any jam is good :) Jam in sponge cakes = good for me!
  15. Hi ThemotionMAST3R. Welcome to the Empire and the forums. :) I don't have a favorite cake, but I love tacos. ;)
  16. Welcome to the forums! I do enjoy some angel food cake, which is sort of ironic I guess. (eviltoade) :D
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  17. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting mmm
  18. Welcome to the magical place known as the EMC forums. The cake I prefer the most is Cheese Cake.