Hello, everyone!

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  1. Hello, people of EMC!

    My name is Essie and I am fairly new to EMC and Minecraft in general.
    After playing for a short while, I realised that I prefer to play with people, but without PvP, so I'm very happy that I ended up here!

    I hope to be able to stay here for as long as possible and to get to know people!

    Thank you for reading this and have a nice day!
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  2. Welcome to EMC & the EMC forums! Enjoy your stay! :)
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  3. Welcome :3
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  4. Welcome to the forums Essie :)
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  5. Welcome welcome to this fun place.
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  6. Heya Essie! I'm glad you found EMC. See you around! :D
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  7. Welcome to the community! I hope you have a great time with us! 😄
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  8. Welcome you to EMC forums! We're happily to see you on emc forums and hope you have a great experience with us!
    In emc, you can addfriend everyone and everyone is willing to be your friend!
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  9. Welcome.Essie,
    I felt the same way when I found emc, and here I still am 6 years later! Hope you enjoy as much as I have o/
  10. Hello Essie and welcome to EMC!
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  11. Welcome to EMC! :)
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  12. Welcome to EMC!
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  13. stick around EMC is like wine it gets better with age and welcome
  14. "εσύ", pronounced /e̞ˈsi/ (roughly like "Essie" but with the stress on the second syllable), is the Greek word for "you". So, welcome to EMC, you. :p
  15. Welcome
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