Hello Empireminecraft :)

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I am.. CommanderCustard!
    I joined Smp9 today and claimed residence 18308. I hope to have a great time here. I want to thank ProfessorPapaya and RunderCaster for their warm welcomes to me to the empire, and to several other people greeting me on Smp9 when I first joined also!

    I am sure I will be here for a long time to come and that I will enjoy my stay. I like special stuff, so the starter kit and the tutorial book were nice, I like color and lore on things in MC :D Hopefully I can collect more stuff like that!

    Anyways, I will see you all later, CommanderCustard out! #Custard.
  2. Welcome to EMC! Your username is awesome. :3
  3. Thank you so much :3
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  4. If you like special items, then you are in luck.
    We have plenty of special promos, heads, armor, tools, and weapons to collect.
    Enjoy your time on the Empire!
  5. Welcome to the Empire! Enjoy your stay. :)
  6. Welcome! lol, awesome username!
  7. Awesome, thanks!
    Thank you Parker :3
    Haha, thanks xD
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  8. Welcome! If you ever need melons or a person to hug, I am here.
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  9. Welcome, Custard King! I think you'll fit in here just fine, lol!
  10. Seconded, he's very pretty you know.
  11. Melons :cool:
    Thanks margaritte!
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  12. Welcome to EMC CommanderCustard. Hope you have a great time here :D.
  13. Welcome! I am the brick that'll strike. You have been warned. /jk.
    If you need anything, the forums is a great place to look :)
  14. Welcome Commander! Enjoy your stay and have fun! :)
  15. Hey! I like you already:D I do really hope you will indeed stay with us! I think you can spruce up the forums with a little more yellow, when chasca isn't already yellow enough:)
  16. Thanks General!
    I quite like it on forums :) I am the Commander to the Custard, so :D
    Thanks sonicol!
    Thanks :3 I can do that!
  17. Hey! Welcome to EMC! If you like promos, we have a lot here so there will be plenty for you to collect. :)
  18. I got the starter kit and the starter book from the tutorial, they are cool :cool: More where they came from as the wiki shows!
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  19. Custard king remember I was there when u joined and I gave u 32 cobble? If u need some other materials or a bit of rupees just ask me!!!
  20. Hey! Welcome! Is there anything you would like that I can start you off with?