hello emc im sad to anounce my departure

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by daanhu, Apr 1, 2024.

  1. hello emc i have desided to quit bye
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  2. this is not a joke trust me bro
  3. what an interesting day to post this on...
  4. oof man, gonna miss you :(
  5. About dang time! EMC will be great now... :rolleyes:
  6. Ah curses, now who will be EMC's dictator now?

    Don't worry, I know what this is hehe
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  7. Sorry to hear that, I was just about to sent you a random rupee prize.
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  8. april fools u cant get rid of me not that easy
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  9. ill do anything for you to stop lagging smp8 with your res
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  10. there are only 200 end crystals
    and like 30mil items not that laggy
    if u have a decent pc

    and not a poisenoes potato pc

    i have no problems i know i probelyhave 1 of the lagiest reses on smp8 but i have never notist it
    i somtimes get pipel that are just so lagged by my res that they take like 3 seconds before they het my msg
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  11. Server-side TPS lag is not the same as client-side lag. I should check it out one day to see it for myself since my computer is pretty powerful. (Unless it's a lot of entities, then that will induce a strain on both the server and client.)

    Just checked it out, yeah, it's a lot of item frame entities. My framerate still remains close to 60, but I can see why this is an issue for many. Minecraft is not able to handle that many entities in a small area very well. The sloppy wet noises were quite jarring, only to find out it's a farm with pufferfish...
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  12. I've seen very few April Fools' jokes this year! Then again, I haven't looked for them.
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  13. trust me there are a lot i hae around 150 entetys and i can put like 50 more
    but i used to have 500 on a crossing