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  1. Just wanted to finally officially introduce myself, I am AnimatedPink. I originally joined this community a long time ago in 2012 when things were still getting started. I had just lost my home server due to it closing down and was looking for a new one. I couldn't seem to enjoy MC as much now that all my friends had dispersed so I didn't put my effort into playing for a long time. I've recently been craving that community experience again and MC is still the best game ever so here I am to give this place another go!

    A little about me personally; I am a graphic designer by day. I work at a local sign and print shop creating graphics. By night I am a single mom and enjoy spending my time with my kids both in game and out. I love animation in general but my specific favorites are family guy, american dad, futurama and bob's burgers. I also enjoy many animes and a few manga too.

    I am really looking forward to joining and engaging in the community. I'd really love to make some new friends! So if you would like to hang out in game and play together, or start a conversation in the forums then feel free to hit me up. I look forward to having lots of fun with all of ya'll :)
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  2. Hi! Welcome back to EMC :D
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  3. Welcome back! Glad to meet you.
  4. Welcome back to the empire, AnimatedPink. ;) We still have some emc veterans here. Even though a lot of us are still 'newbies', emc is the same place. A lot of kind people and new projects. :D Speaking of graphics, could you give a few tips on mine? I would really appreciate it from a pro. ;) I hope to see you around more and welcome!
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  5. Thank you both :)

    Thanks :) And I'd be glad to check out your art! In fact, the last time I played on a server I used to make a living by selling forum art. You should check out my deviantart page to look at some ideas for your own art products. That's where I have the custom minecraft art I created for players. http://h4rd-kisses.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24
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  6. Hi AnimatedPink. Nice to meet you and welcome back to the Empire. :) What smp have you set your home up on?
  7. Cool, then my eyes didn't deceive me when I saw some animated pink walking around this weekend :D

    ha ha, welcome back to the Empire and I hope you're going to enjoy it here. Be sure to ask if you got questions or things you're wondering about because the Empire can be massive (I'm sure you've seen as much already). Be sure to check out the wiki too if you're wondering about certain features and such, you'll find that it contains everything you might want to know about the Empire.

    Hope you guys are going to have a lot of fun here. IMO EMC is the perfect family server, in most cases it's not merely staff but also the community itself which tries to ensure that things remain fun for all of us. And that's something you don't experience everywhere :)
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  8. Thank you! :) I've set up shop on smp1 for now. Just trying to get reacquainted with playing. It's been so long lol

    I am already having fun just trying to relearn all the aspects of multiplayer minecraft and getting caught up on all the new things added since the last time I played. I really missed this game. I'm glad there are still others out there who still enjoy playing after all this time :D
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  9. Welcome back to EMC, smp4 rules
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  10. Reactions during post:
    Wow that's cool dude.
    Plot twist.
    We're gonna get along just fine.

    Welcome [back] to EMC :p
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  11. Ha ha! Kindred spirits! Thanks for the warm welcome :D
  12. Thanks :) I'll have to come check out smp4, you up for giving me a tour?
  13. Hey there :) I hop around smp1 alot. Welcome back!
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  14. Thank you, I've actually come across your plot and I loved it! The whole creole southern swamp house is an awesome idea <3
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  15. You should check out my plot on utopia ;p
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  16. Welcome back to EMC and I look forward to meeting you in game! ^_^

    I've also nested in smp1 ~_^ if you need help with anything just pop in, pm, or whistle lol I like to lend a hand where / when I can.

    Its great to have another mom on Emc. Our numbers are growing lol. In fact here's a nice little thread for us "grown ups/old people" :D

    See you in game!
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  17. If i'm online sure, since running around my res is starting to bore me.
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  18. Welcome back to the Empire minecraft, if you have any questions, feel free to ask (alot changed in those years, I joined in 2012 aswell :) )
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  19. I've been noticing more and more mothers around here!
    We've got some interesting demographics here on EMC anyway, as the average age is probably much higher than it is on most Minecraft servers. That doesn't mean we don't have some very nice younger players, though!
    I hope you'll have fun here!
    I'm afraid I won't see you in game much; I do occasionally check out smp1 when Kytula or Tom's on. I'm not sure in which timezone you are, though, and as I'm Dutch and don't like to game late in the evening I generally don't play after 2 PM EMC time.
    Playing the game is definitely not the main thing I do, though!
    I spend most of my spare time on the EMC forums, which is right here. If you check my profile you'll see I've posted over eleven thousand posts on here, and I'm planning to keep on posting for a while, I'm still enjoying it!
    So if you spend some time on the forums as well, we'll probably see each other's posts here and there :)

    Again: Have fun! :D
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  20. Thank you! I'm excited to see another mom :D It's not often that I run into other mother gamers :p I will definitely drop in and say hello on the old timers thread lol

    Thank you :) I am just overwhelmed with everything that has evolved and changed. It just reminds me why I love a great community, always a helping hand if you need one. So far everyone here has been super welcoming :)

    Well then we should run into each other quite often cuz I love participating in the forums and getting to know my fellow players and make friends. And if I'm ever on when you are I'll be sure to send you a message and maybe you can show me around your neck of the woods :)
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