Has EMC lost its luster?

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  1. We hear it all the time "EMC is becoming boring", but is it true? I believe that EMC has lost its luster, and no longer seems as special. I remember when I first joined, EMC was in the top ten servers. But we are now being beat off the throne by other servers. I am not saying EMC is bad, I half of it is because our voting system was broken, but I still believe that we should strive to gain new members. What is the solution you ask? We should have more official events, and come out with the projects we were talking about.

    What we should do:
    Complete the updates we were promised (Dragon Tomb, Arenas, The PVP Server)
    Gain new members
    Keep existing members from leaving
    Have more official events (Mod Olympics, Mob Arena, Spleef)

    What are your thoughts?
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  2. I know where your coming from, i remember when i had to wait to get onto the server (smp4) because it was 60/60 and now if 20 are on then thats alot! However... that being said i am noticing that i see.... <name> has finished the tutorial and has joined the empire! about 5+ times a day so we are slowly gaining new members. The updates like dragon tombs will come when its ready. EMC staff like to get it done right and id rather wait for somthing polished and shiny than a half completed bugged ridden piece of **** because all that will happen is everyone will rage that the updates dont work and its terrible. So... we have to adopt the mentality of good things happen to those who wait. So ive addressed points 1 and 2.

    Point 3 - exisiting members from leaving? you cant keep players if you get bored of minecraft you get bored. Some people come back others move on. I would like to see more competitions such as the Wool designs and wood creations and have a voting system spanning over the servers... these were amazing and promoted more socialising between players and adds a compeitive element to snatch those rupees! so maybe this can be a solution? - the mob arenas are good also.. i feel i need to address that fact!

    Point 4 - this basically ties into keeping exisiting members and i agree with you, it would be nice to see this. However... the players themselves can take ownership for creating events... I myself im trying to create a very interactive residence rather than somthing pretty to look at. Players can hold parkours, spleef, hide and seek style games... for example i will be posting signs in caves in my reef with letters on them. There maybe a total of 5+ signs... once a player has found all the letters they have to make a word. First person to state the word will win a cash prize. This is an example... competitive element - searching for clues and using your brain! theres a million things we as players can do to make the town atmosphere more fun and engaging rather than waiting for the lovley EMC staff to create somthing official!

    I was here when EMC was booming and im here when we have been quiet i will continue you to be because at this rate its going to take me a million years to finish what ive started!

    Love you all.. - must apologise for the horrible grammar and spelling its 3.00am here and im tired! :)

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  3. I don't think EMC is losing it's luster, I just think it is just going through a transition. Stuff is happening behind the scenes that takes a long time to do. When these things get done, there may be more people on.
  4. I am not in game much anymore, but it is not EMC's fault. I have just moved on from Minecraft, and I have the felling that this is the case for many people. Or it might be that the newness of EMC wears off after a little bit.

    I do not think that EMC is in any trouble though. Many new members have joined, and with future updates many more will join.
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  5. It felt this way for me back a few months ago and I took a break, I would log in to keep my res but that was about it. I came back though and started doing other things while in game and joining in activities and contests. Sometimes a little break is a good thing :)
  6. I don't remember the time when it was booming, so I don't really have anything to compare it to. But, I think the problem is similar to what Pandas said. People get bored with Minecraft if they don't have friends or a project, and some will come back after their break (like I did) and others will not. All we can do is working to keep EMC a fun community, and patiently wait for Dragon Tombs, etc.
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  7. I am not thinking of a break, far from it. I just think we lost some of the sparkle that drew in all of our original members. But in the end, members come and go as they please.
  8. I took a break for a few months like others above but I did come back and play more but once we've got dragon tombs, aikar's new project, and the other stuff new people will be coming to us. We see changes already. :)
  9. EMC is what YOU make it. Try new things, build new things, meet new people. Explore! :)
  10. I'm a little confused because your post is listing the things we have been doing already to keep things entertaining... very recently...

    You pretty much have pointed out the things we have been doing.

    Complete the updates we were promised (Dragon Tomb, Arenas, The PVP Server) < -- working on it, been keeping people posted left and right
    Gain new members <-- were doing this left and right.
    Keep existing members from leaving <-- We are not mind controllers. We are doing everything we can to keep people entertained (including straying off the dragon tomb path for smaller updates just to give "something"), but if a player decides to leave, we cant stop them.
    Have more official events (Mod Olympics, Mob Arena, Spleef) < You list 2 events we just did/do often (mob arena). We also had the EMCon too.
  11. Yes exactly, this is the point of this post. I just meant to keep up the good work, and maybe for us to do thinks like this more often. Take this past week, and apply it to the rest of EMC's lifetime.
  12. We are constantly trying to keep new things every week and month to entertain you guys, no they may not all be big, but if we made EVERYTHING big, then when we had the big things, they would not seem as special. Like Mod Olympics, EMCon, if those things happened every week, they would not be as special. But you poke them in every once in awhile and people want to stick around to see what the next big thing is coming around the corner, and when. Can we promise something as big as mod olympics every week? No. Can we promise further innovation to provide you more cool things like Mob Arena and the EMC Firework? You bet cha.
  13. I have two big community projects being worked on right now. First one is on smp7 and is a community centre for all of EMC to use. The second I will slowly release info on. Hopefully beginning very soon.
  14. To give an idea on what it was like when it was booming, SMP3 was full, all most all day.
  15. I remember buying supporter just to get on SMP3. I hated that time, but now I love that time and I want it back again.
  16. 1 - These are coming soon, give Aikar chance he's a busy man RL > Game Life. And he does have a job etc
    2 - AlexChance suggested more adverts. (I will get the link somewhere...)
    3 - How? You cant just say to a member if you dont leave I will...
    4 - Those suggested are only really big with EXISTING members.

    And unless you haven't noticed there are 54,107 members. If you ask Aikar (NO PM!) then he may tell you the exact amount its something like 63k...
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  17. Great, so where do you wanna start to help fix it?

    Credit to everyone that tries to fix issues themselves, instead of complaining about it on the forums and not doing anything.

    I understand what you're saying, and that you're not necessarily complaining even (you're just speaking your mind, which to a point is somewhat good) but well... EMC is a big, big "business". You have to remember that it started off with just Jeremy and Justin - they had no idea how much it would grow, it swept them off their feet and they are busy busy busy - even with Maikar now and plenty of mods - coding, brainstorming, choosing mods, dealing with the 100's of reports that come through a day, I don't blame them if a few updates take a bit longer. Besides, I'd rather have the completed thing than a rushed update with only 50% of the promised stuff. Plus, I think I speak for a vast majority of our players when I say; I'd rather be here than on another server.

    Now, that's not really why you might think that "EMC is losing its luster" but it's something to consider - Aikar and Smooch pretty much covered everything else that I wanted to say.

    Found this; http://empireminecraft.com/threads/solved-issue-players-leaving-not-enough-new-features.10802/

    Just keep in mind that the staff do some amazing stuff and are capable of great things that most other servers can't dream of.

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  18. My Thougts is Ehmmm, abit complicated but here it goes "I aint leaving this place"
    Now i gotta sound a little smart with 100-200 words under here, but ay' i aint got no time for that
  19. I think i would definatly have to agree, ive tried leaving, I just can't, and i wont :)
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  20. True Dat. Tho i never left never will ;-)
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