Hardest level in any game. ever

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  1. Really simple question:
    What is the hardest level you have ever played on any video game ever.
    This can be because it's glitchy, it's hard to figure out, or it's just difficulty.

    My response: Jak II, shooting down the krimson guard ships, Drill Platform
    The levels didn't have names in Jak II so yeah... :p
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  2. In Sonic Adventures 2. The boss battle with the sphinx.Is not hard at all, but for some reason it was hard for me.
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  3. Whitney and her damn Milktank
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  4. Uh.. Play the worlds harest game and go to level 30
  5. Last level of Call of Duty: World at War on hardest difficulty. Oh the grenade spam.
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  7. Viscera Cleanup Detail... All of them.
  8. this whole game
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  9. While not the hardest, the Shovel Knight battle in Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows gave me lots of trouble
  10. Zelda link to the past No Armor upgrades

    All the dark world bosses were insane after boss 5
  11. SAME!!! I hated that gym!! After she beat me like 20 times I closed my DS and didn't touch HeartGold for like 3 months!
  12. O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U-
    JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A-
    E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A-
    JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAA

    Skip to 1:30

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  13. I'm having a lot of trouble beating this game called Minecraft. There seems to be no end in sight.

    Fo real though, the Water Temple. I'm not even gonna say which game. We all know. We know too well . . .
  14. Stairway to heaven, White to Blue.
  15. “If you beat this, you are god's second son." xD

    OMG Legend of Zelda is way too hard.

    I think it's "The Perfect Run" from Super Mario Galaxy 2
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  16. In Borderlands 2 there's a mission called "You.Will.Die(Seriously)". It's probably the hardest I can think of in games I've played. I also remember an ex had a modded version of Mario called Mario Hell or something. It made the screen move really quickly where you couldn't go back and you had to jump over a ton of lava.
  17. It doesn't count when terramorphus a raid boss that should have 4 people. Same with Pyro Pete, Crawmerax, and Verm
  18. look at my avatar and you know what i think was the hardest fight for me
  19. Hm... I suppose I should only count levels I actually beat.
    But then still... I've played a lot of very different games, so I might need to think about this for a little.
    I'd perhaps expect it to be a Super Mario Maker level, but I don't think that should count as they're player-made.
    8-4 from Super Mario Bros. for Super Players (GBC Super Mario Bros. 2 Japan remake) was quite difficult, but I was quite young when I first beat it.
    8-3 from the original Super Mario Bros. took me a while too, because I didn't find the power-ups until after I first beat it, I think.
    I recall some levels from the GBC Donkey Kong Country also being quite brutal, but I don't remember any specific ones.
    Oh, and of course Yoshi's Island, some of its levels are quite crazy to 100%. I think my favourite, and one of the hardest, to do is Fight Baddies w/ Baddies. I haven't completed the game yet though, so harder ones might be in there.
    And of course the entire Rayman game is incredibly difficult. I've mostly given up on that game I think, I think it isn't completely fair, honestly. I beat the Dream Forest, most of Band Land and a portion of the Blue Mountains. I think I even reached Picture City once, but I wouldn't be certain.
    In Lemmings I beat the Fun, Tricky and Taxing ratings, but Steel Works, Mayhem 1, was too intimidating to me. I'll get back to it once. Taxing definitely had some very tough levels though, to figure out, to execute, or in most cases, both.
    Any more?...
    Super Mario Galaxy has some very difficult levels, but I haven't beaten all of them yet. Same for Super Mario 64. And honestly, I don't recall any names of levels that were particularly difficult. :p
    In Super Mario 64 I'm having big difficulty finding the Cap Switches, though...
    I'm also thinking about other genres at the moment as so far I only listed platformers and one puzzle game. But it's harder to compare for other genres, for example, what counts as a "level" in point-and-click adventure games?
    Ah, I think my post is long enough by now anyway, I'll just cut it off here. ;)
    It was an interesting question though, definitely! :)
  20. Since I have been a fan of video games most of my life, and have played games across several decades, there is bound to be more than one valid answer to this inquiry if thought about in different perspectives. Many games, are just simply difficult, as the designer wanted to ensure a challenge, others a result of poor design, and some because of the complexity of the dynamic that makes it what it is.

    There were several that came to my mind like that of 607 above that for some reason or another it just seemed plausible to be the one.

    First up : Out of this World


    So why this? Well, to be honest...I never got as far in this game as this simple 3 minute video. Why? Because it was so much out of the box thinking that I never dreamed of luring that beast to the left that far, and then using a vine to get behind him...Heh. Actually researching stuff for this thread has answered a good 20+yr old riddle in my mind :) But it is still not enough for me to go try any more of that game.

    Second thought: Battletoads


    Yes, while I may agree with Eviltoade that Ninja Gaiden was possibly harder, it never enticed me enough to get to the really hard levels. I did enjoy the game-play associated with Battletoads, even though it was hard as nether. I wouldn't expect ol ET to consider a game about his relatives to be that difficult though.

    Third option : Riddick Bowe's Boxing


    Why would I consider this an option? Well, yes it does not have levels, but if you attempt to start at rank 25 and work your way up through the ranks, there are a lot of fights, and each one of them could be considered a level. I personally only got to rank 3, and could challenge Riddick Bowe from that rank as it is set up so that you can challenge those 2 above or 2 below you. This game more than any other got to me so much so that I think I finally took a hammer to the cartridge. It was the sheer randomness of how the AI would attack, coupled with the complexity of trying to stage an assault using 3 buttons for left handed attacks, and 3 buttons for right handed attacks. Yes, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat also used multiple buttons for their games, but something about how you needed to keep trying to put your arms up to block, then you had to push down to attack down or up to attack up in conjunction with the button pressing. I can still remember my hands and wrists hurting from playing this game.

    My pick for the hardest level of any game though, however, would have to go to a game called : Maplestory

    General gameplay for level 138 Bishop : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJ-KphkkfVU

    Level 249 in Maplestory is a level I have never actually attempted. The highest level I managed to get to was level 208, and I am currently only 50% through it. When I first started this game the maximum level was level 200. After making it to level 200 in say Fall of 2012, Maplestory decided to raise the maximum level to 250 the following Summer. Level 200 was my initial goal, and I was content having finally made it there 7 years later, but I did decide to return and see what it would be like for a while after the additional levels were added. To make it to level 208, I had to obtain 7,908,174,867 points of EXP. Only 2 billion was required for level 200, so you can see this started taking a steep upward trend. To successfully complete level 249 one would need to get a whopping 650,378,595,225 points of EXP to reach level 250. Since level 250 has been made possible only 96 people have actually made it, and I personally wonder how many cheated to get there.

    The game in general can be fun, but it does also become a Grind. So this is why I think this is the hardest game level I know of, because the sheer amount of time necessary to complete the level itself seems to far exceed that of any other game level I am aware.

    In between levels 200 and 208, I was introduced to some block game...Maplestory just wasn't the same anymore :)
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