Happy Labor Day 2016!

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  1. We re-release them every year because they are intentionally not soulbound.
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  2. Sweet I am happy for Labor Day :)
  3. Whats the next promo lol

  4. ty love promos! enjoy no labor all!
  5. While you guys are at home on a Monday.. Im at Tuesday at hell
  6. Hey All, a very Happy Labor Day to all ya's south of us.

    We are actually celebrating a similar holiday here today, but we call it
    "LABOUR DAY" !! ;)

    Hope its a great one for everyone! And thanks to Krysyy & Aikar for the nice promo. \o/
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  7. Promos are not announced prior to when they come out, in most cases. If there's a promo going on then you'll see it on the home page and likely advertised in-game, too.
  8. Today for labor day we had this field day event with games and rides and yummy food. Tonight there are fireworks :D
  9. Am I the only one too lazy to get it?
  10. yes.
  11. I like how Krysyy is like:
    "Okay, here's just how to get the promo. I'm not going to bother to write a story about labor day or something because no one will be interested in it anyway."


    Thanks for the promo :)
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  12. Just got done, laboring on labor day! Yall have a Happy Labor Day!:D
    Thx for the Promo!
  13. Still have College classes but happy Labor day.
  14. Very nice, my first Labor Bench, thank you ! :D
    Happy Labour Day ! ;)
  15. I live in different country so school today.
  16. yeah, i like promos, thanks Krysyy!
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  17. I'm right with you. It's like, meh, another disposable free promo. I kind of wish promos would end release, or at least slow down in release. There's so much variation that at this point, the charm of new promos is all gone. It's all hording.

    That and I am lazy, but I rest my case
  18. Although that maybe true you have to keep other players in mind as well. I know several players on smp2 who have actually been looking out for this moment: getting their own labor bench (instead of borrowing one or saving up to buy one).

    And well... I also think there's something to say for traditions. Labor day gets you a labor bench. New year gets you fireworks (same as 4th of July). I know Krysyy mentioned the renewal up there, but for me it's also a bit of a tradition at work and to be honest I think there's something to be said for that as well :)
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  19. Ironic we celebrate Labor Day with closing businesses and schools for the day, meaning we do as little labor as possible. Not that I'm complaining, just gives me a great excuse to be lazy like I am most days.
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  20. This promo is by far one of my favs! Not just because it can help you so much while building but because it is the first promo that I ever claimed! So that means its been another year on this amazing server! Can't wait to have many more years with everyone.:)
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