Happy Labor Day 2016!

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  1. The promo Labor Bench for this year is available through /promo laborday16 until at least September 12th.
    Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!

    For those that aren't aware, here's some basic history about Labor Day and why we celebrate it: https://www.dol.gov/general/laborday/history
  2. Thanks Krysyy :)
  3. Happy Labor Day to all you 'Muricans :p
  4. Time to go around with my alts and claim more! :D Thanks, krysyy!
  5. Thanks Krysyy! Who doesn't love promos :p
  6. We don't celebrate Labor Day here but I very happily call it EMC Labor Bench Day here in the UK ;) Happy Labor Day to y'all! :D
  7. Awesome! I always love the labor bench :D
  8. Happy Labor Day! Thanks for the awesome promo :D
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  9. awesome ! :D thanks krysyy !
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  10. Woooo another labor bench for my collection.
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  11. Happy Labor Day to everyone.
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  12. Happy Labor Day guys!! ;)
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  13. Hurrah! The builder's greatest tool returns! :)
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  14. Thanks for the enlightening link!
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  15. Thanks for the promo and Happy Labor Day guys! :)
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  16. Very cool promo.

    Thank you
  17. Happy Labor Day! :)
  18. Cool, it's that time of the year again. I forgot ;)

    Here in Holland we also have something similar but here it's the first of May ("Dag van de arbeid", which would literally translate to "Day of labor", or simply labor day in short).

    If only the workbench were soulbound.... No, I'm not complaining, I can easily see how that might get a little OP, but one can dream right? ;)

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for another cool promo! Fun fact: I know some players who actually use their workbench in town quite heavily so that they can craft wherever and whenever they need to, which I think is kinda cool.
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  19. Free stuff :D
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