Halloween Trick or Treating

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  1. Halloween is Coming Soon.
    We Really Need To Know Where The Lights Will Be Turned On
    My Haunted Castle and Scary Minecart Ride At 10960 Will Be Giving Out Treats and Scares
    What Other Reses Will Get Their Scare On?

    Trick or Treat/Halloween Tour Locations Currently:
    10960 Haunted Castle and scary minecart ride
    10958 Spooky Jungle Maze and Jungle Temple
    +Treat on smp8
    +Sparta on smp8
    +Halloween on smp8
    12010 Bloodbeard's Ship
    And of course the server Graveyard at /graveyard on smp1
  2. I plan to do a spooky theme and trick-o-treat a lot bot at 18017!
  3. Everyone with some sort of Halloween themed attraction should join in on this and make it a community led event.
  4. I'll try to make a machine, that's simple and cheap to make that like like a cool trick or treat thing
    is like*
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  5. Time to break out the cobwebs and jack-o-lanterns.

    I'll be giving out goodies at 17406. :)
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  6. Decorated my res and put treats up
    /v +Treat on SMP8 :)
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  7. This needs bumped so -Bump-
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  8. We have 4 reses that will take trick or treaters so far. We need many more. Who else wants to hand you candy to the kiddies?
  9. I am interested in doing it. I will probably give away common cards from Awoken Warriors. Would you be able to make a form/spreadsheet so everyone can quickly see where to visit?
  10. Any way to communicate to everyone where to go would be great. Halloween is the biggest minecraft day of the year and we want to enjoy as much as we can. Thanks jkrmnj!
  11. Maybe everybody who has a res for Halloween could tag it /v +Treat or something Halloween :p
  12. I plan on giving out some candy at 19316 on halloween :D so feel free to drop buy
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  13. I decorated my res at /v +Sparta on smp8 and I plan to give out goodies soon I also decorated /v +Halloween on smp8 for the Halloween Party I hosted today!
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  14. I have started a list at the top of this thread of locations. I was considering what time to have our lights on and hand out items so I looked at the EMC calendar so it would not conflict with any server events and it appears the server has nothing planned for it. Which is sad because last year there were some great events, including cool skins. Not sure what is happening there. If there is nothing from EMC this year we will have to make our own fun. So please add you reses to the list to hand out treats this year.