[Trading card game] Awoken Warriors

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Do you want to awaken them all?

Yes 17 vote(s) 89.5%
No 2 vote(s) 10.5%
  1. A brand new trading card game played exclusively in EMC!

    Planned events:
    October 31th, 10:00 PM EMC time. They say curses and monsters run crazy on this night. Luckily, you have a small army of warriors ready to help you. Prove to be the best for an exclusive card. If conflict isn't your thing, get a limited time card only available that night.

    Have you ever wanted to fight with an amphibious assassin holding a bag of daggers? Maybe you dream of being king of the ocean and commanding armies?
    Or does a carpenter wielding 6 swords sound cooler to you?
    If you answered yes (or no) then check out what Awoken warriors has to offer!

    The days of human dominance on Earth are over. A mysterious plague known as the awakening has given sentience and new powers to the previously inanimate or useless. The war is over and both sides fight now more for glory than survival. Control fighters on both sides to destroy your opponent.

    There are a total of 18 unique cards to collect and battle with. Some are rare and some are common. Expand your collection to get the "one of a kind" and "lored" versions. For collectors, there are a total of 54 cards and versions to collect.

    What kind of cards are there?
    There are 2 different types of cards. The first is called a warrior card. These are monsters with health, attack, defense, augments, and minions. See the how to play section for an explanation on these attributes.
    The second is an augment card. These can be added to augment slots to improve or modify the stats on a warrior card.

    What do I need to play?
    At a minimum you need 3 warrior cards and an opponent. It is recommended to have more cards than that though for optimal fun.
    What does a game typically look like?
    A game is played in "The arena" and has 3 levels: front(1), middle(2), and back(3). At the front, a card has its printed stats. In the middle, a card has -10 attack and +10 defense. At the back, a card has -20 attack and +20 defense. At the beginning of a round, each player puts 1 card in each of their 3 levels and their opponent does the same with their levels. A warrior on one level can attack any other level, including their own. When all of the warriors on one side are dead, the game is over.

    How do I play?
    1. Determine how you and your opponent are going to handle the game and will show each other cards. Res 3400 on smp2 has an arena set up to simplify things.
    2. Play one warrior on each level. Whoever goes second gets to place an augment on a warrior as well if they can equip one.
    3. Player 1 makes their move. 2 of the 3 warriors can make an action. These actions are:
      1. Attack: Using the warrior on your side chosen, attack a warrior on the other side. To determine how much damage you do, use the equation: damage=(attack + level attack)-(defense + level defense). The damage taken can be negative if attack is low or defense is high. Negative damage heals instead of hurts.
      2. Equip an augment: If the warrior has an empty augment slot, they can equip and augment from your hand. You need a card for each augment you equip.
      3. Summon a minion: If the warrior hasn't used their minion slots yet, summon a warrior to be their minion. Minions are equal to their normal version but have 25% of their normal stats. Round the stat if it isn't a whole number. When an attacker attacks, they must first kill the minions before moving onto the warrior. When a minion dies, it can't be replaced. Minions also can't equip augments or summon minions. You need a card for each minion you summon.
    4. repeat for player 2
    5. Go back to step 3 until someone wins.
    Do you want to battle others or collect them all? Check out the packs you can buy below. Post on this thread with the pack you want and send the rupees to me. I will send the pack through the mail system.

    Start pack: 1000r
    Comes with 4 warriors and 2 augments. A solid entry point into the game. There are enough cards to play, spawn one minion, and use 2 augments. Contains only common cards and one lored card.

    Booster pack: 500r
    3 cards. 10% chance of rare and 20% chance of lored cards.

    Super booster pack: 800r
    2 common cards and 1 rare card. 50% chance of lored. 10% chance of "one of a kind" card while they last.

    Single card: 200r
    1 card. 20% chance of rare and 30% chance of lored cards.

    Special event cards: ?r
    Contact me if you have an event and would like to give them away.

    All packs and cards are randomly decided based on a random number generator.
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  2. I would like to purchase the following:

    2 starter packs - 2,000r
    3 Booster Packs - 1,500r
    5 super booster packs - 4,500r
    TOTAL = 8,000r

    Thanks! (paid)
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  3. Hello, I would like to order...

    2 starter packs- 2000r
    2 booster packs- 1000r
    2 super booster packs- 1600r

    Total - 4600r

    Thank you :) Paid !
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  4. 3 starter packs - 3,000r
    3 Booster Packs - 1,500r
    5 super booster packs - 4,500r
    5 Single Cards- 1,000r
    TOTAL = 10,000r

    Paying now
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  5. Is this game staff approved? Because you could easily rig the game by making rare cards have impossible odds. I'm not saying anything's wrong, but I want to make sure we can 'trust' this game. :)
  6. Finished your order. Would you be able to pick them up on res 3400? Just walk inside and to the left. If not, I can deliver or mail although mailing them will be a pain.

    For everyone else, your order will be done tonight. I needed to get a ton more stock and wrote a python script to generate packs.
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  7. Can I order a starter pack? And Paid =WuerdClone_1
  8. 2 starter packs - 2,000r
    3 Booster Packs - 1,500r
    7 super booster packs - 5,600r
    TOTAL = 9,100r
  9. So, are you going to ignore my question? Its pretty important.
  10. Sorry, I was working on the orders and forgot. Here is my answer:
    I have not specifically asked to get it approved but EvilToade just got his order so that should count for something in terms of staff approval. More importantly though, you wanted to know how you can trust the distribution of cards. Here is a python script I use every time someone asks for a deck. As long as the pack doesn't repeat a card 3 or more times, I will use it. You can run it yourself and see that it works. Basically, it generates cards and puts symbols next to them if they should be lored or one of a kind. If a card is one of a kind but has already been given out, I will switch that one out with another that hasn't.

    from random import randint
    commonWarriors = ["Hiding", "because", "players should find", "Them themselves"]
    rareWarriors = ["Don't want to spoil fun", " OFDF", " DSDFDFn"]
    commonAugments = ["DFeld", " Rord", " Lettome", " Shan", " Eres", " Smob"]
    rareAugments = ["Annd", " Kielmet", " Mooms", " Bars"]
    common = commonAugments + commonWarriors
    rare = rareAugments + rareWarriors
    generatedDeck = []
    def main():
        print("Card generator 1.0 by me. Enter the pack you want to generate")
        print("Starter pack = 1, Booster pack = 2, SBP = 3, SC = 4")
        choice = int(input("Choose one: "))
        choices = {1: SP, 2: BP, 3: SBP, 4: SC}
        generatedDeck = []
    def SP():
        generatedDeck.append(commonAugments[randint(0, len(commonAugments) - 1)])
        generatedDeck.append(commonAugments[randint(0, len(commonAugments) - 1)])
        for i in range(0, 4):
            generatedDeck.append(commonWarriors[randint(0, len(commonWarriors) - 1)])
        generatedDeck[randint(0, 5)] += "L: "
        return generatedDeck
    def BP():
        numCards = 3
        isLore = False
        if randint(0, 10) <= 2:
            isLore = True
        if randint(0, 10) <= 1:
            generatedDeck.append(rare[randint(0, len(rare) - 1)])
            numCards -= 1
        for i in range(0, numCards):
            generatedDeck.append(common[randint(0, len(common) - 1)])
        if isLore:
            generatedDeck[randint(0, len(generatedDeck) - 1)] += "L: "
        return generatedDeck
    def SBP():
        numCards = 3
        isLore = False
        isOne = False
        if randint(0, 10) <= 5:
            isLore = True
        if randint(0, 10) <= 1:
            isOne = True
        generatedDeck.append(rare[randint(0, len(rare) - 1)])
        for i in range(0, 2):
            generatedDeck.append(common[randint(0, len(common) - 1)])
        if isLore:
            generatedDeck[randint(0, len(generatedDeck) - 1)] += "L: "
        if isOne:
            generatedDeck[randint(0, len(generatedDeck) - 1)] += "O: "
        #If it chooses the same lored and one of a kind, move lored down one and wrap around.
        return generatedDeck
    def SC():
        isLore = False
        if randint(0, 10) <= 3:
            generatedDeck.append(common[randint(0, len(common) - 1)] + " L: ")
        elif randint(0, 10) <= 2:
            generatedDeck.append(rare[randint(0, len(rare) - 1)])
            generatedDeck.append(common[randint(0, len(common) - 1)])
        return generatedDeck
    if __name__ == "__main__":

    Are there any other concerns you have?

    Your order is ready. Pick it up on 3400 if you can. If you have any questions, I will do my best to clarify them.

    Tuqueque, I will finish yours tomorrow and work on the people below you.
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  11. Your order is complete. You can pick it up at 3400 on the inside to the left. Don't forget to open your cards to check if it is lored and to look at stats. You got a one of a kind card.
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  12. I just finished yours. The chest is set up on 3400 inside and to the left.
    (for those wondering, I also completed the one before peculiar but she was online when it happened)

    Since quite a few people have bought cards, I will likely hold a tournament either this weekend or next weekend. What works best for people that have bought (or will buy) cards?
  13. October 16th will be the first ever tournament at 6 PM EMC time. If you have purchased cards, be on 3400 at that time to compete. If you don't have any cards, there is still time to get a starter pack. The winner will get the "One of a kind" Orange Wizard, an already rare card.

    Are there any questions about the rules? I will answer them there but can also answer them here beforehand.
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  14. I would like to order
    2 Starter Packs - 2000r
    2 Booster Packs - 1000r
    1 Super Booster Pack - 800r

    Total: 3800r

    Also I Just Payed :3
  15. Just completed your order. Pick it up on 3400.

    Quick reminder that your order is still there. It is on 3400 as well.
  16. As soon as I have access to the game, I'll be ordering myself a few packs. This seems awesome!
  17. I would like to buy:
    3 starter packs - 3,000r
    3 Booster Packs - 1,500r
    5 super booster packs - 4,500r
    9,000r. Paid.
  18. The tournament will be starting very soon. Bring your cards to 3400 on smp2 to play.
    I am almost done with yours and will have it ready in time for the tournament.
    Edit: Just finished yours
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  19. On Halloween I will be taking part in the trick or treating fun by giving away a limited time card. The card will be lored and will only be available on that one night. If that isn't exclusive enough, I will also be holding a competition that night and the winner will get a One of a Kind version of the card.
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  20. I may be interested in a purchase as I am a TCG aficionado. I would love if there was a page where you could view all the possible collectible cards, like any TCG. If I do happen to like your game and I begin to understand the core mechanics more deeply I could help you with card design, which was a hobby of mine till recently. That is if you would like so.
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