Half a Million Rupee Giveaway!

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  1. I currently have over half a million rupees. I hardly ever play here anymore, which is among the reasons why my name is not green anymore. It's not you guys, you guys are great. I've just been a very busy guy for the last year or so. Job transfer, family commitments, and songwriting became a larger priority. I'm not the first to lose some interest in Minecraft and gain it in other areas. So sue me!

    Wait, you don't have to sue me because I'm going to GIVE MY RUPEES AWAY!

    Write a nice essay or story about why YOU deserve some of my Rupees in the comments and I will consider giving YOU some of them. I make no promises on how many (if any) you will get. You improve your chances if you tell me how this redistribution of my wealth will help the community. Tell me about feeding starving ghasts, working at a slime soup kitchen, buying a bunch of saplings and beautifying the wilderness, building bridges across the great spawn wastes. Maybe you're building the next great mega-mall. Maybe you want to use it to have a scavenger hunt and redistribute my rupees to yet another player. I don't know.

    Or maybe simply appeal to my ego subscribe to/like my youtube or Soundcloud. Although I can't promise that will help.

    Make it good. I want all my rupees to be gone by one week from today (which will be April 18).

  2. Oh, I will post comments listing who gets the rupees and how many they got.
  3. i just wanna spend it frivolously and make people jealous at my newfound wealth
  4. I would spend it on my 800th birthday drop party most likely. (Yes, I have 97 days). I will make it awesome!
  5. Hello,
    I would like to take some rupees to use for community use as I always have in the past! I always have something on my rez that involves the community! As of right now Nick5013 and I have a HUGE Melon / Pumpkin farm that we sell for the cheapest possible making it a community thing! I still have another rez that I want to soon create something that everyone would like and be able to interact! Thank you for the opportunity! :D
  6. I would like stuff because I like... Stuff. Also I can use it for the Order, and in doing so will help the community with various giveaways, items, waystations, services, starter kits, and general awesomeness. Oh, and DotA. Because DotA is always a valid reason.
  7. I would us the rupees to expand build a nice starting area for new players or anyone who needs some help. It would include public crafting benches, furnaces, brewing stations, anvils and enchanting. It would also give away free food and seeds for all plants it would have some wood and cobble for free. If there was any left over I would probably put it into starting a potion or horse business.
  8. I would probably just give away myself lol, I need to stop doing that haha a well its all good fun. Definitely understand the life bit getting busy in other area's.

    P.s really don't give them to me, I was just commenting. :)
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  9. I been on ECM for over 860 days , and I love having fire floor events on smp 9 and anything to make it bigger and better would be awesome!
  10. Commenting here not to take your rupees. I just never got to meet you and I've heard so many things about you. Wish I got to know you mate. You served the community well and it's always sad to see a long-time member leave because they do things other than Minecraft :p

    I wish you luck on your musician career / commitment, stay safe :)
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  11. Lol is also feed starving ghasts
  12. I would use the rupees to help expand my farm efficiency and to expand my supply company. I feel that my supply company helps fund some of the biggest projects on the Empire, and the 500k would go a long way to continue this. I also would use a large chunk of it to fund a giveaway and drop party that I will hopefully have in the future.
  13. Do I need rupees? No. Would I accept rupees? Of course. The reason is, why would you not accept rupees? When a chance arises like this for somebody to get rupees, I am pretty sure everyone would have a good go at it. Why is that, do I say? Well, they are rupees, we can buy items with it, we can buy items with it to help the community, and we can even give it away to the community.

    Recently, I opened my Museum on SMP9, 18200 Empire Minecraft Museum. The Museum was made of all sorts of materials, from sandstone to redstone lamps. What did they cost? Rupees. The Museum contains all sorts of special items from all around EMC, what did they cost? Rupees. But, even though all of this costs rupees, I personally think it helps the community. Under each item I have in the Museum, I have a button for members to press to get information on the item, and on many items, even a link to the Wiki so that people can view the item in more detail. I think this in itself helps the community, people not used to items we have on offer here at EMC can find out details and information and get on track for understanding items here, and even possibly make a wish list for what they want. Even more older members, they may find the Museum fun to visit and may even find out a few details themselves.

    What is the whole point of this, you say? Well, I do not actually want to ask for rupees for me, but for the community. This message is for the community, the museum, rupees, what ever I have mentioned, I think everyone deserves a chance. Any rupees I currently have I am aiming towards buying super rare items with, and holding the occasional giveaway here and there, so that they can further help the community.

    The community is still very strong here. No matter how many "bumpy times" we have, or "issues" there are, we seem to overcome them, because we are strong.

    So, what ever you do with this money Edmund, I hope that it benefits you and them. I benefit from the Museum for the sheer enjoyment of seeing my visitors read information on the items I have collected and actually care about it. I hope you find a benefit to giving this money out, that it will make you happy to give out rupees to another player. To know that the other player may spend it on something else that will help our community? Or, you could even pass it on to people who will hold other, different giveaways.

    That's enough from me, but just remember, rupees may seem like they buy and bring together everything, and to a certain extent they are, they are what create things to help us all, but without the community, rupees would be nothing. The community is strong. Good on you, Edmund!
  14. to take a bath in dem cause well i do that
  15. If I was to gain any portion of your money, I would put it towards my museum I am working on SMP2. As also I will be posting a giveaway after the build is complete and the museum is ready to be opened. My museum would provide new and old players some history on EMC and all of its unique features that make it different from other servers. I thank you for your time reading this =)

    -Super D
  16. I wrote a poem about what I would do if I had 500,000 rupees. And I'd just like to say, it's all true. I would definitely split up the rupees for the things mentioned in the poem. Maybe even the last one. :) I hope you like it!

    Oh, 500,000 rupees! How I want you!
    But if you were in my hands, just what what I do?
    I reckon I'd split you into ten 50's,
    and with each 50k I'd do something quite nifty!
    The first I would simply give away
    So that I could improve some player's day.
    The second and third can go to my little hive
    Where I'm building a place
    To teach newbies to survive!
    And what about my Empire museum?
    With 200k I'll get rares; Come over and see 'em!
    The eighth sum goes to the land of the horse.
    Wait, a horse mall or racetrack?
    Why, both of course!
    The ninth one will have to be something quite nice...
    A bookstore! With tales about zombies on ice!
    But what of the tenth?
    Just what can I do?
    Should I make a store or a zoo?
    A redstone contraption? A huge kangaroo?
    No, I have a different idea,
    it's just out of fairness.
    With that last bit I'll promote creeper awareness!
    I'll build statues! I'll keep some as pets!
    Why, I'll even heal creepers at a monstrous vet!
    After all, you players, I've used nine tenths for you...
    So shouldn't the hostiles get some too?

    *Takes a bow* And that's why I believe that I deserve 500k! :D Thanks for holding this giveaway!

    Ok, I'll explain in a little more detail. I've got a lot of projects that need funding. On my first res I am building a Survival Center (or will be building, I'm still building samples in creative) which will literally help newbies to learn about and practice surviving. It will definitely take a bit of rupees to pull off! On my second residence I am building an Empire museum, though this museum will be different than the usual one. It is going to be in a sort of roller coaster format that brings you through various rooms that each contain a promo or two as well as explanations as to their use, how they are gotten, and other details. This is going to take a ton of money! On my third res will be a large business center that will include a hotel, store, office complex (for handling outposts and other things) and a bookstore. I will need funding for things such as leather to bring books and other items to the community at a low price. On my last res, I am going to be building a horse shop with a few racetracks above it. There will be four racetracks: An all-around racetrack, a speed racetrack (test your horse's speed!) a jumpy racetrack (how well can you handle jumps?) and a survival racetrack that presents obstacles such as lava and cacti. This will ALL, as mentioned take funding.
    As mentioned, I'd also like to do a giveaway, as I've never really done a large one before. I think this would provide me with some funds for this. At the end of the poem, I mention the creeper thing. I honestly would very much like to do something creative as well, even if it doesn't cost a lot. This includes forming a Creeper's Union to promote hostile monsters' rights. :) Anyway, those are just my reasons for wanting the money. I would definitely be giving back to the community.
  17. I would use the rupees work on a new "visual wiki" that will be on my utopia residence. I am currently making it in creative on single player and it will be a tad on the expensive side (spent all my rupees for gold voucher). This wiki will have the goal of being a way to help players access the vast content of the wiki without having to visit the site (which can be slow when running minecraft).
    I plan on getting all/almost all information from the wiki into this visual wiki. It will be interactive and feature teleports and immersive environments. You won't just be reading signs, but will instead have fun while still getting information quickly and efficiently.
    I will also feed the hungry ghasts with sacrifices of players
  18. If I got any rupees at all, it would be to help fund a public hotel on utopia where you can find anything free. (Dirt vault, shearing, fishing, all the works.)
    I have the plot, the friends, not the funds.
  19. I would spend it as I usually do, buy promos and stone, as well as donating some rupees to new players, or anyone else that need a little cash.
  20. danggggggg
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