Guys I am kinda freaked out

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  1. So there are LOTS of flash flood warnings where I am, it's been raining for the past 2-3 days, even though it was hot has heck almost 4 days ago. Eh, I KEEP GETTING THESE WARNINGS AND I'M SCARED.
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  2. Prepare the sand bags, young one.
    Seriously, I hope things will be alright.
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  3. And what are we expected to do about it?
    Do you know how to swim? How far are you from a local high point?
  4. Do you live near a river/lake/stream? Are you on 'high ground'? I hope it stops and everything goes back to normal for you! Stay safe! :eek:
  5. I know where you live now... 99% sure, but just you know.... try to get your mind of it by doing something else... like paying frisbee... :D (Disc craft only 7$ and there the worlds official ultimate frisbee!)
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  6. Ahem, if I should have to, I will use lava walls.

    I'm sure I could get to a high point soon enough if needed. I can't swim. I was just hoping to have some support from people. I answer questions in the wrong order.
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  7. Where I live we have been getting the same thing. A town near me actually closed because of it. I got a flash flood warning at three in the morning on my phone. The warning are loud -_-
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  8. Don't be rude :eek: just try to comfort her.... don't try and be like a person who only cares for him-self... goodness man... she is scared.... so try and help her... not try and be like... U GONnA DY FULE
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  9. Can't swim.....
    It's okay, I get flash flood warnings all the time, nothings ever happened. Until it rains for 40 days straight, you're probably fine :) Other than that, don't die, that would be bad.
  10. It's okay! You'll survive! It's a flash flood WARNING, just hope it won't be a flood! If it is, get to high ground immediately!
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  11. Just don't use them on smp4...
  12. Do you live in florida because weather has been terrible.
  13. Don't worry about it... It's been the same over here in North-West England too. I've gone on holiday right into a to-be Welsh flood zone (like, 2 hours after we got there :p), and my street has been flooded so bad rats and mice have drowned and went for a little swim... Luckily, my house is elevated... so, no rats :p

    The trick is to just stay calm, and make sure you're prepared for when it something happens. Also, if water gets into your house and you can't stop it, just get out and know where your nearest high-point is and get to it :) Atleast outside you can move around instead of being boxed in.
  14. -_- Stop... just stop... if only there was a dislike button... And btw floods can happen in 10 minutes.... so just stop... please... but besides... if this is colorado... i hope you are safe, as i said before.... just try to get your mind off of it somehow :)
  15. That was still kind of rude like your first post...
  16. Er'k.. Let's see.... High places are good.. Uhm... Perhaps getting a floatation device for emergencies may be useful? I've never been in a flood, so i'm just assuming. Hope it turns out well!
  17. i believe he didn't see my last post about the post before yet..
  18. Sorry about being rude, just trying to be a bit humorous... (my sense of humor's a bit off)
    Anyway, there's rarely if ever any risk of a flood, most places are obligated to release warnings after a certain probability threshold, perhaps 1% or something similar. It's storming like crazy where I am (East Coast) but I don't think there's anything to worry about since tropical storm season has passed.
  19. If it rains for 40 days and nights, honestly people, get on an ark.
    Be safe pie, I'm sure everything will get better soon.