[Guide] What to do if you got (perm) banned?

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  1. We've seen a lot of issues in the past and to be very honest: it bothers me a little that we always got one sided stories without rebuttal. Players who found themselves on the wrong side of a moderator felt the need to vent a little, and did. Now: I don't think bad about that, I would certainly have done the same thing. But I do think that us players could use a little back talk.

    Hear me out here: I certainly understand why staff doesn't get involved in threads as mentioned above. All that would do is "he said, they said...". Pardon the expression: a pissing contest. That doesn't help anyone (including the banned player!).

    But as a player that leaves me with questions. And after seeing several banned players talk about how the staff doesn't hear them out I wanted to know more. Its the main drive for posting this. To which Krysyy posted this in response. And now I'm following up by rolling it all into a guide.

    Note: I consulted Krysyy before posting this to make sure that this doesn't sent out any wrong signals and she was ok with it. BUT: this is still a post by a regular player (lets get that straight!) but rest assured that this isn't a collection of wild guesses.

    Why write this?

    Because I felt it was needed. I think we need more information other than "good news, you're not banned". I am working out a more official way and this is a starting point.

    What to do if you got banned?
    Disclaimer: An unofficial guide, go to: http://appeal.emc.gs/ to find the official documentation.

    Calm down!!

    I've seen this happen lots of time. Please: calm down. Count to 10, take a deep breath, and continue. You won't hear me say "it's only a game" because we both know I'd be lying. But please: calm the heck down!
    • Stick to the forums!
      • In my opinion moderators should live up to their actions but they have tons of stuff to do (including their own private time!). Give them a fair chance to respond: take it to a forum PM so they can take their time!
    • Don't rally up a gang.
      • Quantity does not make quality. Obviously your friends will agree with you, duh!
      • True story: One of the hardest things I had to face was to admit to myself that there was actually more to the banning of a friend of mine. (no further comments).
    • Count to 10. Please.
      • WHAT. THE. HECK.!?!! Please... Step back, count to 10, get dinner, sleep it off, then respond. Seriously.
    He said, she said, they said....

    I've heard so many comments from banned players already, it's always "the staff is wrong", I'm ready to not believing them per definition.

    Ok, maybe not a fully true story but this is what could happen! It's always the 'bad staff'. Just for the record: this comes from someone who stuck his neck out. Far too wide, even butting into dispute threads.

    True story: I've seen staff go out of their way to try and help fix / explain things. In private. In contrary to what senior staff might have preferred (personal impression!).

    So what do I do?!
    • Go to http://appeal.emc.gs/ and decide if you want to appeal or dispute.
      • Appeal: You admit that you made a mistake, you've been stupid and you promise that you won't make the same mistake twice. There's a severe price to pay, but you get all the lenience to redeem yourselves.
      • Dispute: You feel the moderator made a mistake or that things happened beyond your control. Note: "my brother/sister/friend abused my account" is not a valid dispute because it is still first and foremost your responsibility.
    In general:
    • Always explain why you broke the rules or why it happened.
      • And/or: why you think it was unfair.
    • Provide the staff with counter evidence.
    • If you feel you have been treated unfairly: which staff member was involved.
    • Follow your heart!
      • It's merely a game? Nonsense. Speak your mind. Now is your time, and trust me when I say that you will be heard. Speak up!
    • Be honest!
      • Staff is not out to get you. In fact: the first and foremost reason staff prefers to keep talk private is to protect players from themselves. Seriously, I have seen this happen! * Be honest, please. It will seriously help your cause. (or not: if you're honest that your true and only desire in life is to wreck everything on your path :mad: Yah: if that's the case you might want to try another server. waaaaay other server!).
    * I learned more than I would have wanted in a PM about a banned player. I backtracked and everything staff said was confirmed by other players. Who were even surprised I asked and that I was digging so deep.

    So yeah, please don't try this at home and stay safe!

  2. An additional note from Staff that was not included:
    The number one reason for a denied appeal is dishonesty. Before answering a question from staff, you should expect that staff have the answer anyways and are testing your ability to be honest. Spoiler: 95% of the time that is the case.
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  3. Thanks for writing!
  4. One (and only) small bump because of the weekend and I think it could use it.

    Some players asked me (not too specifically) about the private part. So I'd like to share a theoretical (all made up by me) example....

    Because I'm testing shop signs for the wiki (this actually happened) I'm asking some of my friends if they could help me out. Aya sets up a sign which sells gold blocks for free, because I told her that there was something peculiar with them. And obviously, being the bad guy I am in this example I clean out the chest while she's offline.

    Next day we get into an argument and I tell everyone in public that "I did not buy stuff from that player". Staff prefers to keep these topics in private.

    Why, some players wonder. If you got nothing to hide....

    It actually works both ways....

    It's not so much of having something to hide, it's more so not wanting to damage one's reputation any further than having already been banned.

    What would happen if I were to make a ruckus (and people who know me know I could do that) after which the staff member who banned me would then reveal the horrible truth:

    Thanks for the picture!
    I obviously bribed Aya to keep quiet :D

    Of course I am jesting here but what would happen if I were to say "I. DID. NOT. BUY. STUFF.!!", only to be confronted with undeniable evidence, in public?

    And let's also dig into the less popular aspect: it does not happen often, but the staff can also makes mistakes from time to time. Or, more likely in my opinion: base decisions on stuff which actually did happen, but there was more to that than initially known.

    In those case staff really doesn't need people like me who, although they mean well, butt in while eventually only making assumptions about the whole thing. Best to keep that in private also.

    So yeah...

    BUMP :p
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  5. Not sure if 101r is that good of a bribe xD
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  6. Exactly.
  7. what to do:

    go outside
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  8. It's too hot for that in Holland right now :)
  9. Hm, in Frisia, it's actually quite nice at the moment!
    In the shadows, that is.
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  10. its 23 c in holland right now 29 c where i am in the early morning
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  11. I wish! :) 34c earlier this afternoon, it's now down to 28c.

    The main issue isn't so much the temperature itself though, but the sudden change as well as the humidity.
  12. Stay inside, be safe. I personally haven't strayed over one meter away from my house in the past 3 weeks.
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  13. I've been permanently banned before. This was my reaction:

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  14. When I was perm banned my reaction was look around confused, get mad, calm down.
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  15. you should add like ways to get the banned plays to see this. so create a spoiler with sentences or questions a banned player would need to do to see this...

    I got banned please help
    what do i do if i got banned
    what do i do if i get banned
    how do i get unbanned

    but overall a nice guide
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