guess my changed username

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by DemonThunder345, Mar 5, 2015.

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  1. guess what I had changed it to. Its not demonthunder345, it just says that because EMC is outdated.
    who ever gets it right wins 10k
  2. MicrowavedHumans
    Diamonds pls
    EDIT: Before anyone complains, no, I did not use any staff related tool to find this, as it would be cheating.
  3. wat
  4. *eye twitches*
  5. "MicrowavedHumans" was my guess
    Diamonds pls was a request for the diamonds you said the winner would get
    And I'm pretty confident on my answer.
  6. Howd u guess though. I really dont remember saying that anywhere
  7. You didn't. Doesn't mean we can't guess it.
  8. No username changes are secret. There are websites for that...
  9. well then
  10. *Demon weeps as he gives the prize*
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  11. well you see

    is my pride and joy
    mined after a year of work
  12. wait woah! staff guessed it first try. -_-
  13. ikr
  14. Using non-staff tools anyone could find out.
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  15. lolololololololololololololololololl
  16. "On EMC, staff troll YOU!"


    There you have it, folks. That's basically EMC in one quote. And here, we see a perfect example of how Staff earned himself a lot of money. :p
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