Griefing is out of control!

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  1. I find it quite sad that griefing is not being stopped at the wild, either on the frontier or on the wildness areas. One area I made as a safe area for the public to use so that they have safe access at the bottom of the North Safe Zone at its south side. When I first came there, there were gigantic holes everywhere and it was deforested as well. Then I replanted pine trees and made some super pines as well. I made a little house at the side of the Safe Zone for people to spend the night and to be safe until the morning. I put stuff like furnaces, a workbench and a public chest to put unwanted stuff that other people may want. However, I guess there are few mature individuals that have respect for what others build. What is worse, the griefers think they did nothing wrong, but at tutorial you explain that that in your rules that EMC does not tolerate griefing and to respect other players builds. Even with signs all over the place stating and showing the rules to them, they still do it! So if you do catch a griefer you should not hesitate but to ban them, because the Mine craft world is so big and vast, you can go anywhere and do your thing, but if you target others build with out remorse then you deserve to be banned.

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  2. You can never stop griefers, thats old news.. A warning message that appears every hour (or 2) doesn't even help.
    If people get griefed, it's simple just report them they will be banned, but.. You still have to repair the damage :) (not cool)
    The thing Im more worried about is, griefing/scamming that happens in town and the victim doesn't even realise..

    Who doesn't find it quite sad, eh?
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  3. Please start a convo with me with more details of where this happened and when. I will look into it.

    I understand your frustration. I continually deal with griefing of my own builds that aren't even so close to spawn. You are doing the EMC community a service, and should be commended for that. We ask all players to be mature, and respect players builds, however without a whitelist, we get all sorts of players 'visiting'. And when a player ignores that request, a moderator will track them down and permaban them.

    This does not fix your generous efforts in assisting people in the wild i realise, which is often why wilderness players travel much further away and live happily in their own far off piece of heaven. Far from griefers.

    Also, with our much improved logging of events, it has been much simpler to catch griefers. And the future Empires Protection system will allow players to completely own large areas of Frontier, grief free. Though not anywhere close to spawn. :)

    There are a few player run organisations that rebuild the wild and maintain roads/player outposts in the Frontier. Might pay to contact them to work with you in maintaining your work.

    And again, any griefing, contact a staff member and we'll look into it and deal with the offender.
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  4. I popped by there a few days ago when I was "touring" around and thought what a nice idea that was to build this for others...and I'm quite sad and annoyed that this has happened......

    BUT, I know for a fact that there are good anti-griefing procedures being carried out.

    I was at my base this morning (really early morning) and was in the process of breaking something down - which I wont state exactly for fear of giving an anti-griefing trigger away - and BOOM, a staff member was by my side immediately.
    What a fright I got too lol. A couple of questions were asked which I answered successfully, and I was thanked and bid farewell.

    So it shows you that the anti-griefing tactics in place at the moment ARE working, but I suppose there are instances like this where it does happen unfortunately.

    If I can help with any materials to rebuild anything, just PM me
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  5. A lot of players have played servers that allow griefing, so they are used to it, or accept it. Also lots of players who have never played Minecraft online before, so have no idea what griefing even is. (though we do explain it fairly well in the tutorial). :)
    It's a continual process, educating both griefers, and all new players to EMC's policy of 'be respectful of players and their builds, EMC is a family friendly server that does not allow griefing'
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  6. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  7. The perpetrator is banned.

    Now lets rebuild. :)
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  8. NZScruffy....... You SURE know how to get things done :)
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  9. If they weren't hurting your actual buildings, it would be more ok because the destroyed trees where people are meant to collect wood. Next time don't expect trees you plant in the waste to be safe. I am sorry about your buildings because they were obviously for good intent.
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  10. OMG! This time it's at the Wilderness frontier! Talk about being griefed! You guys said don't build in the wasteland and I did. This house was in the frontier and it still got griefed! Sheeesh! No where is safe! Below are before and after after shots. Geez!

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  11. How close to spawn are you?
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  12. Griefing is in control as long as you inform the moderators of the griefing incident. The more they know, the better chance that they will eliminate the griefers.

    And that is one less griefer in Empire Minecraft.
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  13. He is about 100 blocks from spawn.
    Player who griefed you has been banned. But it would be advisable to not build directly outside of spawn like this - Many new players come on, and grief the first thing they see - Your nice looking house
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  14. 100 blocks?
    No wonder you were griefed,move about 3k out,that should protect you.
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  15. I would like to be a griefer for a day. Just to know what goes through their minds when doing such things.
  16. A day is all you would get. There is no going back
  17. I'm just tired of building stuff to help people only just for it to be destroyed. I'm going to stop building at the Nether, wasteland or frontier. No matter what area I go, it get's griefed. I made a place about 100,000 blocks from spawn because I know griefers are too scared to go all the way down there. I wonder if t is griefed? I'm going to check on it later. :(

    Oh and is was about 100 blocks away from spawn because it cost me 1000 Rupees to secure a chest.
  18. People who live out in small country towns (IRL) will often leave their doors unlocked, because there is generally little risk to doing so. But people who live in suburban areas never do so. Why? Because there is much more activity in urban areas than there is in the country. You are on the doorstep of town. Because of that, there is no chance that a griefer isn't going to walk by. As you distance yourself, the activity levels drop drastically, which in turn drastically reduces the risk of being griefed.
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  19. I recently had a whole stack of iron blocks stolen from a public wild outpost under a beacon. It was clearly labeled as mine and that anyone messing with it would be banned. It was enclosed in obsidian, with warnings to not steal on every single block. A player who knew me and seemed to be smart and familiar with the game of minecraft was at fault. He also had a helper. For some reason they thought that they should steal the iron from a staff member. They took it all? They got banned forever.

    I can not explain in any way the decision process that went on in this situation. I can not dwell on those players or their behavior because it makes me feel ill. I try to keep in mind when I am building that some people will not respect it.

    There are valuable life lessons to be learned about the nature of some people. Some will destroy for no reason, or just because they can. I give everyone a chance, but my trust must be earned because I know not everyone is respectful of others. When I see people steal, or lie, or harm others, I know that they are likely to treat me the same when they have a reason to or my back is turned. In the context of a video game, people are much more transparent than in real life.

    On the other hand, EMC is a great place for finding players who are creative and respectful. There are many complex and interesting creations that have been built and maintained by our members. Try and stick with those you find of higher character. As a staff member I will continue to weed out those who don't even meet the low standard.