Greifing and Theivery on SMP3

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by ajmyers34, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. I am posting this because I am NOT happy. My current project in the Wild on SMP3 was raided and greifed to the point where I am done with this server, unless I can have my items restored and replaced to their original condition.

    Funny part is ...I am sure of who lead the assault. His name is PLAYER X. How do I know this? He was just begining as I signed on about 12 hrs ago today. I made him aware of the Server's policies and he managed to return SOME of the items stolen and then fled the scene. However, he obviously returned and spent MOST of the day today shuttling materials away from my Spot.

    While I enjoy this server and the opportunity to create this large-scale Project, this type of behavior can not be tolerated, and MONTHS of collection is now lost to the Theives.

    Can anyone help me? I have tried to contact a Staff player there, but have had no success in finding one on when I was earlier. Thks and goodbye?
  2. Remove that name, now.
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  3. I would tell you to PM a moderator. Start a private convo with them and tell them everything and show proof of All areas that were Greifed..

    EDIT: But plz don't accuse anyone unless you have actual proof that it was this person. For example a screenshot.
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  4. Mods do not return items.
  5. Contract a mod about what happen and locked chest are your friend for Valuable items or if can't afford it. Find a good location that would be safe from people finding it. How far out are you from the spawn is a factor here too.
  6. What the piggie is trying to say is.. It is against the rules name players responsible in a thread like this. You should remove the name, then send a personal message on the forums to one of the moderators. You can also use the in game report system command. /report (playername) (reason) Even if the mods are not on any specific server, they have tools to know what is going on for all of the servers.
  7. Bye bye.
  8. Moderators, admins and Sr. Staff will not return items. Please start a Private Message with a moderator. If you do not know how to Private message, please look here:

    You should also never build in the wilderness unless you know the risks and acknowledge you WILL get griefed at some point, and you need to prepare for that.
  9. I have edited your post to remove the name and am adding you to a convo with me. Let's continue the discussion there.
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  10. This. I'm sorry, but there's too much opportunity for economic damage. The player who stole the items could have used them for other purposes, sold them on, or any numerous number of things. If items were spawned, illegitimate items would be leaked into the economy and hyperinflate it with cheap goods, making the game too easy for all other players over time.
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  11. If I lose my stuff and some kid robs it, I get on with it. I can always get them back. This has only happened once, and I messaged him saying to keep them and I wouldn't report him. It was only diamond tools and iron armor...Not that big of a deal if you know how to get them :p
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  12. PlayerX has been banned.
  13. Funny, I think some chairs and a table in my room shook, must've been shockwaves from your banhammer :p
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  17. Who is this PlayerX?
    He always seems to be causing mischief around the place
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  18. Nice ..jerk
  19. You posted it, and he responded. Its not his problem.
  20. What about items like Mossy Bricks and Cracked Stones from a Stronghold? Given that only three of these Exist ...and I happened to find one no one had yet can only imagine the quantities of these items, once stored, and now gone.
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