Greetings, citizens! Ready to cooperate!

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  1. Guys, that's one unique community you have formed. I'm in awe.

    My name's Nikita, age 21, Russia, Moscow. I work in marketing and event management, relax with books, music, my fiance and some Minecraft. :) . I stumbled upon this server looking for decent folks to play with in spare time, but i think now that's an understatement. :) Seriously, i'm in positive shock. MC experience - started playing Minecraft early 2012, but then a 2 year gap happened - i guess people will call me oldie-noobie now?

    First, to make things clear and transparent. I'll gladly help with everything in-game - especially building stuff (obvious? :D). Redstone creations - rails, automatic, hidden, secret, farm are my favourite words. Eager to learn, eager to build. As long as we can have fun and some casual friendly talk. :)
    Skype, Mumble - really looking forward for it. Got no problems with English, so topics are not limited - music (+ playing instruments), business (yep, if you wanna to), games (love strategies) culture, lessons in Russian (balalaika skype sessions), WH40k, history, pseudocatholic bipolar schoolgirls - anything goes!

    I might need a little help getting the basics down and settling, but i am really pumped right now. I'm not yet binded to any server, so i am open to every suggestion you'll have!

    Thanks for the time you took to read this, i really appreciate it. Hope to see, talk and have lots of fun with you, guys! btw, it's UTC +3 time zone here, it's 1 AM here, so my replies will be a bit off, no worries. :)

  2. Welcome to the Empire, hope to see you around :)
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  3. Welcome to EMC! I look forward to seeing you around. :)
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  4. Welcome to EMC! If you need help, be sure to not contact me! :p
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  5. Welcome to EMC! :)
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  6. Welcome to EMC , I am up late in odd time zones so you'll probably see me around
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  7. Now that's one hell of an introduction! We need more new folks like you!

    Stop by at my place anytime, always up for a chat :D

    * psssh, you should totally choose smp6 *
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  8. Wow, thread created moments ago and already such a greeting party! Thanks, folks!

    Looking forward to it! I'll be on a lookout for more people from "oddtimezoners" club. :D
    Haha, that's amazing to hear! Thanks for kind words and warm welcome. That would be the first thing on my list tomorrow for sure! I'll get a bit more familiar with SMP6 then.
  9. Welcome to EMC
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  10. Welcome to the Empire Nikita. A very friendly server. Enjoy your stay. :)
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  11. Welcome to the Empire. Hope you enjoy it around here like rest of us. Cya in-game
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  12. Welcome to EMC! I'm sure you'll have a great time, but let any of us know if you need any help :)
    (SMP6 is the best in my opinion :p )
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  13. Welcome to the Empire StoneKing. I'm relatively new to this place myself after a leave of absence from playing MC for the last couple of years and i am so glad I found this place. I think you'll love it here too. (Reading some of the above comments myself... and... This is another shameless plug to come over to SMP6.) :)
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  14. Welcome To The Empire!
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  15. Guys, thanks a lot. People of all the SMP's on Empire are very hospitable and helping. I already got some incredible offers and suggestions from you, and that means a lot. I'll savour this welcoming tradition and will proudly carry it on.

    See you all in game, and feel free to write if you need help or care to talk! :)
  16. Welcome to EMC, Hope you enjoy it. I live on SMP6, and have lived there for 3 years now. If you have any questions you know where to find me. If i am not on, you can ask some of the smp6er's when i will be on as i afk alot while doing my college papers, and get kicked lol.

    Anyway Welcome, Hope you live on the best smp of all, SMP6 :D
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  17. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  18. Hi there Nikita,

    Welcome to the Empire!

    And yah; if you let it then the community can really get to you. Always a good source of fun and diversity. Nothing beats going out mining and having some fun with a couple of in-game friends!
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  19. Anything goes? Including this?

    Well, it's nice to meet you Nikita, sounds like you'll be a great fit here on the Empire. If you enjoy building, I would highly recommend joining or establishing a Wild base (there's certainly no shortage of them), and check the Friday Night Miners group headed by MrSocks. They go out every Friday to make a small town, do some mining, and just have fun . Other than that, make sure you look both ways when crossing the street in Town, get back to your res by curfew, and don't feed your sheep after midnight. :p
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  20. *grins uncontrollably*

    Anyways, welcome to the Empire! If the rest of your time here is as great as this intro, I think you'll be very happy. Nice to meet you, and hope to see you around!
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