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  1. I am a MC grandparent supporting 2 grandsons on Empire. I enjoy building, not so much PVP ( hard to keep up with young players ). I don't believe in locking anything that is why I'm only on Empire and CCGR. My primary residence is on smp1 #166 The TREEhouse If you need wood ok to use as long as you replant. I'm probably the oldest member. Cya thx.
  2. Welcome to the forums! I hope you're enjoying yourself here at the Empire! :)
  3. That's awesome! I love that there are so many different ages of people on here :) I started on EMC with my son when we got minecraft for his birthday last year. Good luck and if you have any questions just ask!
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  4. Well Welcome to the Empire then and your grandchildren :D.
    We do have few members in their 70s-80s but won't say because isn't my place to say.
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  5. Welcome to the Empire! :) I always love seeing the wide assortment of players playing on the Empire nowadays. Cheers!
  6. I'd say welcome but it seems you joined us approx. 900days ago so I guess I should say welcome back ;)

    Well, do keep in mind that anything you place on your residence is locked by default. No one but yourself can access it unless you give players permission to do so. And that is something to be carefull with, esp. on a community as big as the Empire.

    Alas, hope you're going to have fun here ;)
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  7. There is a great diversity of ages on this server like none I've played on before. It's a credit to the way it's setup. It's a clean server that is not tolerant of profanity or bullying so it has attracted a lot of positive people to play on it. Minecraft itself is a wonderful game that is as much fun for a 60 year old as it is for a 14 year old.
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  8. Hm, I wouldn't be so sure about being the oldest member, we have people from all ages here. ;)
    What do you mean with "I don't believe in locking anything"?
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  9. Think you're allowed to post your own name on the forums?

    Welcome to the Umpire!
  10. Shot fired :p
  11. Already building an anti-Boulder bunker on SMP3
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  12. I also am a MC grandparent. I'm starting to get my grandchildren into pc minecraft, besides having my wife, my son and one of my daughters in the Empire (all on smp3). I believe I also am a contender for the old age club. So having said that let me welcome you to the Empire and the forums. Have fun and enjoy your stay. :)

    If this is true :eek: and I can't see our great Dwight lying, I'm feeling young again :D (although I never felt old yet). :p
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  13. I play MC with my kids too although they're on a Terraria binge atm.
  14. Welcome to EMC!
  15. Welcome to the empire! :)
  16. I hate to steal your (grandpa) thunder but I an a Great Grandfather. I play with 2 of my 3 great grandchildren. I to do not enjoy PVP, it must be my ageing reflexes.
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