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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by CARZOMG, Aug 5, 2015.

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  2. Why do you keep quoting posts only to put nothing else with it? :p
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  3. Well FW it's been awhile since I originally posted on Grandparents forum and you welcomed me. I see your still playing, is your family still with you? I'm on smp1 working the frontier. Grandsons are off to Stanstead College in Canada and don't have time to play.
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  4. Because I was confused and thought you had to click on ' post reply ' first to get text window. Us older folk are sometimes technically challenged, we don't adapt to different formats easily. :)
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  5. Ah, I get it now!
    Well, if you have trouble figuring out anything else, be sure to ask! :)

    Oh, also: a nice thing to know about is the 'Edit' button under your post. It can be very handy when you think of something else right after hitting 'Post Reply', or you notice a mistake!
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  6. Thanks.
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  7. Hi CARZOMG! I'm not a grandparent (yet). But I am an adult with 2 children on the server. I was surprised when I realized just how many adults there really are here on EMC! I started a little over a year ago. I was using my son's account when he first joined so that I could monitor and make sure I was comfortable with him playing here. Just 3 days after he joined, I went out and bought my own MC account just so I could play on EMC! My daughter has since gotten an account and joined as well. I play more than both of them combined, however :D.

    I have a long running thread about adults here on EMC. I don't want to derail your post by listing it here, but if you pm me I'll send you the link.

    Happy building!
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  8. Hey at least you know how to operate a computer. Im lucky if i don't get a phone call ever
    day from my grandparents saying how do i turn it on what is google. EMAILS!!!! APPLE! Why can't i eat the apple from the apple logo?!??!?!
  9. There are certainly mature individuals playing this server. My story is not that different from Mob_Meal. The outpost I'm in has 3 members in their 70s as well as several other members over 40 like myself.
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  10. I'm a 45 year old man with male pattern baldness who lives in his mother's basement. I have never worked a day in my life and I love to play Minecraft. I have never even kissed a girl, so I don't think I'll have grandkids anytime soon, but I'd like to think I count as a GPMC to my sister's grandkid's (she has a restraining order against me though) :}
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  11. You live in Liverpool don't you?
  12. Yep.

    Is this behaviour like, something typically associated with Liverpudlians or something?
  13. I'm guessing you are joking? I happen to know of another post from you that contradicts this.
  14. Why would he be joking?
  15. You guessed correctly. Only one part of that post is true.

    Also, I'm curious as to what the post is now lol. Linkies please?
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  16. I'm guessing the correct part is the male pattern baldness. What do I win?
  17. "I have never even kissed a girl, so I don't think I'll have grandkids anytime soon", I'd say.
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