{ Goals in EMC! }

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  1. :)!Goals in EMC!:)
    :cool:!Do it for YOLO swag!:cool:
    :D!Post some fun goals!:D

    :p!Make them fun and possible goals!:p
    :rolleyes:!Post when you completed your goal!:rolleyes:
  2. :cool:Get to lvl 100!:cool:
    If a pickle can do it
    you can do it!
  3. 1. Be Flamin_Pickle
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  4. Get 100 DC of ink sacks.

    Edit: definitely completed.
  5. I would but a bit of those ink sacks if you were to sell :D
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  6. Collect at least one of every item (Including promos) On EMC :D
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  7. Get enough money to pay people to do ordinary tasks like walk and open chests. lol
  8. *Reopen my potion shop (I did that a few days before this thread :))
    *Create at least 1 map art on each server (except Utopia).
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    *Obtain more promos, including all the 60k items and special horses.
    *Get a full set of Marlix armor, a Marlix bow, and a Momentus' Toothpick as drops.
    *Reach 1 million rupees without being a supporter.
    *Win a dragon egg by beating the dragon tombs.
    *Keep up my voting streak long enough to get a full set of voter's armor.
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  9. - always staying above 100k
    - not forgetting to vote
    - not dump lots of rupees when you're 25k from 500k
    - get 1 million rupees (duh)
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  10. 1. Follow tomvanwijnen hole your emc live :D
    2. Earn more rupees than ( yes you know ) tomvanwijnen
    3. Create a lot of funparks
    4. Get a million rupees
    5. Create a iron farm at wild
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  11. Terra-form the entire wilderness to create one huge world of adventures.
  12. Be nice, helpful, patient, kind, love people and have them love you :)
  13. Aww, that's sweet. :D
  14. 1. Get to 1 mil (I need 50k :p)
    2. Get my 9500 mega mall better known therefore make more
    3. Make a community project (started that yesterday a spleef arena)
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  15. One of my goals on EMC is to eventually build a fully-functional redstone calculator.
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  16. *Build the Imperial City detail by detail
    *Earn a Mil
    *Build a successful mall
    *Collect every rare mob boss item
    *Vote long enough to earn complete set of Voter's Armor
    *Get each and every Promo ever!
    *Become a staff member
    *Retire from the Minecraft life and fish in a cabin 200k blocks into the wild
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  17. When I end my inactivity, I will create a glorious kingdom.
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  18. I want 1 of all the EMC items! *cough GO HERE cough* :p
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  19. Haha, some awesome goals guys, thanks for posting, keep posting for more goals to accomplish on EMC and we can rule the world together!
  20. Have my existence acknowledged by Icecreamcow.
    Along with a few more un-important things.