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  1. You're a cool esteemed member :D
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  2. ^Nighthawk (or Cheeseburgerhawk3846) is a delightful member with a delightful nickname and a very entertaining signature of Cami being a fail. Me gusta.

    Thanks a million for the giveaway. :)
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  3. lol I love the profile pic had to think about it but then it made me laugh:)
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  4. ^Your unfinished mall on Smp1 is beautifully designed and I always find myself jumping around it when I'm bored :)
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  5. Your koalas are best koalas
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  6. danggg, elite member thats awesome ;)
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  7. You're awesome for helping [unnamed] greatly with that trade! I can't thank you enough for that. :D

    (this was a private event, but it has to be mentioned here ;))
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  8. You're a very cool guy, Dutch, and know a bit of Greek and Latin. :D
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  9. You are always nice (from what I've seen :p) and very well spoken.
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  10. You're very good at taking elytra selfies :D
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  11. You're very good at making Tomvanwijnen do something, You're the first ever that was able to make him do something usefull :eek:

    Thanks for the giveaway :)
  12. You are an incredibly talented builder. :eek:

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)
  13. You're a nice person. Thanks for being you! :D
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  14. Hi friend. You are a kind person, which in terms of this server is very rare.
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  15. You're a gamer of the shy variety and that's okay. Keep at it number 1.
  16. You are ancient and wise. Thank you for being you.
  17. Your profile picture is adorable :p
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  18. You have a nice profile picture
  19. You're a great friend! :D
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