[Giveaway] Santas little helper 2019- VOTE HERE

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Who would you select as 2018's Santa's Little Helper

Poll closed Dec 31, 2019.
Yixomua 5 vote(s) 11.4%
Jaqque 14 vote(s) 31.8%
Katydidbuild 4 vote(s) 9.1%
TBird1128 21 vote(s) 47.7%
  1. TIME TO VOTE! for your favourite Helper!

    The second part is voting on those nominated by the 31st of December at 11pm, for the prize to be awarded around the 1st of the New Year!

    Its that time of year again, and for those who weren't around last xmas, What I like best about EMC is the supportive community, so this giveaway is in honour of that very fact! Though there are fewer nominees this year, multiple nominations came in for the same individuals, so its clear there will be a close race for the title!

    Time to Vote for Santa's little helper, who doesn't work just one day a year, but all year long, helping out others throughout the Empire. I need YOUR help to find that person again this year. That individual will receive 1 Million rupees plus a Diamond voucher so that they can continue to help others out as they already do. And a trophy for them to remember their achievement.

    Please- no Alts should vote, just your main personage... (nb. ties may be awarded a split award)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

    4th Annual Award

  2. It's an honor to be nominated
  3. Thank you for the nomination, it's an honor.
  4. simply deserved! :)
  5. Although I feel that I am a 'young' player (having been on the server for just over 1 year now), I feel very privileged to have been nominated. And am grateful for this wonderful community!

    Now back to finding those hidden chests in the Holiday Event - some of them are quite tricky :p

  6. Cool, but shouldn't we vote for 2019's Santa's Little Helper? :p
  7. haha, yes that would be preferred...

    Also I see it shows you the poll closing time as jan 1 at 5am.... thus the closing time of 11pm on the 31st is based on EMC time for all youse way out east...
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  8. Who does the nominating, I never heard of these players before.
    Also I think the selections should be by SMPs because although these players may be well known on some SMPs they never help on other SMPs and so good players on those other SMPs are never considered.
    SO, it seem rather one sided and could be considered clicky toward over populated SMPs.
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  9. Well, if you read this thread here, https://empireminecraft.com/threads/giveaway-santas-little-helper-2019.81501/
    you can see nominations are open to all the public to make... and then the same goes for voting, open to all the public. In mho this has worked very well and been quite a reasonable representation over the 4 years it has run.

    ... apart from the fact that it is a personal event, and is the best we can do based on what we have to work with...
  10. Vote Above /\

    ends tonite!
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  11. *complete edit*
    Sadie doesn't know her timezones anymore...
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  12. Thank you all that voted for me. It is very humbling and quite the honor. It was neck-and-neck between TBird1128 and I for most of the election, but TBird1128 pulled out a last minute sprint for the win.

    Congratulations, TBird1128.
  13. Congrats everyone!
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  14. Eh, you got 13 + me. Good job.
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  15. I am in total shock! Thank you to everyone that voted!
  16. Well congrats to everybody. Was a close race all around right up til the end
    Will be making the announcement and sending out prizes later today.. but its 230 and I'm going to sleep now...
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  17. AND THE WINNER IS TBIRD1128! (yes i know you all saw that :D )

    ... BUT I must add, this years award is something special, thus I will be giving TBird
    the Santa's Star Helper Award! as Tbird is the only player to have been Nominated 4 years running, additionally she has placed second for all the previous years! Truly a person to be thankful for and a perfect representation of our awesome community of helping and giving! Such a close run all week, ALL nominees will be awarded prizes :)

    TBird1128- Diamond voucher, 1 million rupees, and Santa's Star Helper Award
    jaqque- Gold voucher, 250000 rupees
    Yixomua- Iron voucher, 150000 rupees
    katydidbuild- Iron voucher, 100000 rupees

    Congratulations to this years winners and
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!

    (nb. (Vouchers and additional rupees as well which blew in on a breeze....
    thanks BreezyMan!)
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  18. Thanks for holding this for the community. And congrats to everyone above! You all earned it!
  19. Congrats all! Great job Raaynn! :)
  20. Oh wow! Thank you Raaynn!