[Giveaway] Santas little helper 2019

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Do you enjoy Christmas Time?

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  1. WE WISH YOU A MERRY... and you know what comes next! CHRISTMAS! and for those who arent familiar from previous events, I like to participate in the supportive EMC community, and this giveaway continues in honour of that very fact!

    Somewhere out there is a very helpful Santa's little helper, who doesn't work just one day a year, but all year long, helping out others throughout the Empire. I need YOUR help to find that person again this year. That individual will receive 1 Million rupees plus a Diamond voucher so that they can continue to help others out as they already do. And a trophy for them to remember their achievement.

    4th Annual Award



    NOTE: In this event, previous years winners are not eligible, thus this year Shelluser, Khixan & JohnKid, and MoreMoople are invalid nominations.

    Now I we all know some of those people would say "No, I'm good, i don't need it really..." but in fact knowing that this will just go towards helping others one way or another I think its a good thing to do.

    So I ask that players please Nominate others, preferably via a pm to myself, deadline for this being at noon on 25th of December. I always have some people in mind, but open it up to the community as I don't run across everybody to know enough by myself.

    The second part will be voting on those nominated by the 30th of December, for the prize to be awarded before the 1st of the New Year!

    ALL players are welcome to be nominated except the previous winners, including staff and team members, so please send me your nominations and lets Celebrate the Community! Also have a donation chest set up on the Ship's main deck at 12010 for anyone who wants to add to the prize pool. Additional prizes WILL be awarded to others pending the results. ( to 2nd and 3rd place)
    (Vouchers and additional rupees as well which blew in on a breeze....
    thanks BreezyMan!)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


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  3. Woohoo! Can't wait to see who gets nominated this year :)
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  4. Just back bump! 0/
  5. Looks like there are definite prizes again for runners up, as a couple vouchers and some rupees blew in on a breeze....
  6. Should this nomination be just a name or include a short bit about why we think said person deserves the nomination?
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  7. A name is fine. Voting takes place later so the public decides
  8. Bump for Nominations. Help to Help the Community!
  9. As always Raaynn thanks for doing this :)
  10. Bump.
    Please get your nominations in before deadline
    12 noon on Dec 25th. Cheers
  11. 1 day left to nominate... then on to voting!
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