[GIVEAWAY] Piwi day 2015

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    The year of Piwi has passed! But don't be sad, for a new era has come upon us: the year of Lion King Piwi!
    To celebrate the start of the new year, there's a giveaway. To enter, choose a number from one to twenty (edit: upped to thirty) inclusive. A winner will be chosen in quite a random way.
    The lucky winner will win the following things:
    Mufasa's Manes, Protection I, Unbreaking I, #AE4C33, leather_helmet
    Simba's Chest, Protection I, #DBD6AD, leather_chestplate
    Nala's Hips, Protection I, #CE8433, leather_leggings
    Feet of the Antelope, Feather Falling I, #191919, leather_boots
    Scar's Claw, Sharpness V, iron_sword
    Rafiki's Stick, stick
    Jelle68's Head, skull
    Piwi Certificate, by 607, written_book.

    Taking above picture was very scary, being used to unbreakable stuff.
    1. brandtitus
    2. Defne_The_Boss
    3. Lockdown32
    4. f_Builder_s
    5. Chief_McCloud
    6. AyanamiKun
    7. LtCaptainMe
    8. haastregt
    9. StreamingFire
    10. nuclearbobomb
    11. NathanRP
    12. hashhog3000
    13. colepuncher
    14. AliceF3
    15. Doggie45
    16. pantherarron77
    17. frogy0258
    18. codygraw101
    19. ChickenDice
    20. Uber_Corq
    21. Lukas3226
    22. creepybanana1000
    23. AwesomeBuilder33
    24. Kappsune
    25. Ziemer2
    26. TomvanWijnen
    27. cadenman2002
    28. Jelle68
    29. PineappleGem
    30. Gearmaster09

    Again, you may join the giveaway by posting a number from 1-20 (now 30). By doing so you agree to the terms of use.

    You will not distribute whatever you won to anyone, not even your own alternate accounts.
    You will not share the contents of the certificate with anyone but the other people who got it (which is only me up until now).

    If a winner doesn't obey to these terms, Piwi will be very disappointed in them.
  2. I am choosing 1
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  3. Yay, I succeeded!
    Two challenges: avoiding double spoilers and uploading the new avatar without too much quality loss, both beaten!
    Now I hope the double spoilers won't get created when editing the people in.
  4. I will take 10.
  5. I will take 15
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  6. Oh, I love the Lion King! I'm going to enter with a number that's sure to win: 13.

    EDIT: Quite the ninja, colepuncher. Okay, I'll go for 20. :p
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  7. The spoilers are quite hard to read....
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  8. Ill take 11 if it isn't taken!
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  9. Sorry, I'll try to change them without messing up the spoiler count :p
  10. I'll take 8, I want that certificate :p
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  11. I'll take 3.
  12. id like number 6 if not taken, if so then 16.

    and thanks, this looks interesting! im very good at keeping secrets, so u wont have to expect disappointments there.
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  13. can I have 7
  14. noooo D:
    11 minutes to late
    it will be 17 then :p
  15. Wow, there's more interest than I had anticipated, nice!
    I expanded the available numbers up to 30, too make room for more people joining while I'm asleep.
  16. 12, please. :) Awesome giveaway idea! :D
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  17. I vill take vive (5) please! And make it vith a side of vries! Fank you!