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Do you like Dragons?

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  1. So It is that time once again, albeit a little late, but seen as I am celebrating various things (over 2000 days, 3000 votes, 6 years, 2 years as moderator, recently my birthday, a dragon egg, and so on and so forth) It is high time I do a new giveaway... and Dragons it Be!

    "A dragon is a reptile-like legendary creature that appears in the folklore of many cultures worldwide. Beliefs about dragons vary considerably through regions, but dragons in western cultures since the High Middle Ages have often been depicted as winged, horned, four-legged, and capable of breathing fire. Dragons in eastern cultures are usually depicted as wingless, four-legged, serpentine creatures with above-average intelligence. Commonalities between dragons' traits are often a hybridization of feline, avian, and reptilian features."

    So tell us YOUR dragon story, using a written book ingame for display at the archives. Your battles here, or in other games, your stories, your thoughts, your favourite types, your persona, whatever comes to mind...

    There will be 2 methods of winning prizes... My Moderator Head along with a Permanent Derelict Protection and other goodies will go to the Judges Choice (myself being the judge) of the *greatest story (obviously my favourite)...

    And next- all books will be put into random draws: for various shulkers of promos and valuables, rupees, and so forth, including: Krysyy's Dancing Boots, Aikars head, Helm of Anaetiem, Explosive arrows, Empire waffles, stretchy pants, Raaynn Boots (hmm...) Lucky Bows and Clovers, and so on.... (will add as items occur to me)

    *No Alts Please. 1 entry per player. (2 copies)

    Go on then, give us your best stories.......!!!!


    Entry Requirements: Written book- stories of Dragons! (2 copies).
    Option: MAIL to Raaynn or submit at the tower mailbox 12022
    NO Alts pleaseā€¦.
    Entry Deadline: July 25th, 2022
    Prize Location: smp6 /v 12022

    See you after the 25th :)

    Raaynn's Pet Dragon

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  2. Tolkien, of course, is correct.. what tale would be complete or worth reading without a dragon or two? :love: :<3:
    This sounds like so much fun and sorry to have missed your birfday.. happy belated .. I'm sure you had a lovely time of it. =D Annnd :eek: on all the rest.
    I do hope the stories will be made public so we can all benefit from reading more with dragons because well.. dragons. =D
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  3. You got to love the folklore of the dragons!

    I bet Krysyy would approve. :p
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  4. Ahhh, finally the book contest arrives :)
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