[Giveaway] Just a couple DC's of promos.. No big deal

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Are you hyped for the surprise?

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  1. Hey Everyone. You are probably here because the title says "a couple DC's of promos". I love to giveaway to you guys, but today this is no regular giveaway. June 26th is my birthday, so I am doing it to celebrate because I'd rather give things to you guys, than get something from you guys :) . At the end of the event, there will be yet another surprise! :) So don't think this is everything!

    To be eligible to win, you must reply to this thread with a few things; You must say a reason why you enjoy being part of this community, and you gotta say happy birthday :) .

    I will choose 1 Winner with random.org on Sunday night at midnight EMC time. If your post is not eligible, or you double post/post with alts I will have them deleted and they will not count toward the picking of the winner.

    All this talk about promos and things, do you finally want to see what you can get?
    Well you have to wait for that >: D (just kidding lol)

    5 Headless Horseman Masks
    3 Haunted Heads
    1 Spooky Egg
    1 Dancer Unused
    2 Dancers Used
    1 Rudolph Unused
    1 Incitatus Used
    1 Valens Used
    2 Marlix Helmet
    1 Marlix Chestplate
    1 Marlix Pants
    1 Marlix Boots
    1 Marlix Bow
    1 Independence Helmet
    1 Independence Chestplate
    1 Independence Pants
    1 Independence Boots
    1 Freedom Blade Chest Unopened
    1 DO NOT CLAIM Freedom Blade Unused
    2 Independence Day 2014 Firework (Red, White, and Blue)
    1 Empire Firework 2014 Independence Day (Red, White, and Blue)
    1 Empire Firework 2014 Independence Day (All Colors)
    1 Holiday Pick Unused
    2 Holiday Picks Used
    1 Lucky Bow Unused
    1 Lucky Boww Used
    2 Cupid Bows Used
    2 2013 Labor Benches
    1 2014 Labor Bench
    1 Ore Buster Unused
    1 Ore Buster Used
    1 Bonus Chest
    84 Taste The Freedom
    2 IceCreamCow Flesh
    2 IceCreamCow Skin
    1 Blizz Ard Nose
    8 New Turkey Slicers Unused
    1 Old Turkey Slicer Unused
    1 2014 EMC Birthday Cake
    325 Cooked Turkey
    107 Shiny Flesh
    2 Netherhounds
    1 Rembrance Poppies
    2 Dragon Poop
    2 Super Dragon Poop!
    5 Pot Of Gold
    27 Feast for a King
    3 Vault Voucher
    2 Stable Voucher
    13 Dragon Stone
    4 Dragon Stone Fragment
    2 Ham Hacker
    1 Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    1 Maxarian Head
    1 Empire Firework 2014 New Years (All Colors)
    2 Empire Firework 2013 New Years (All Colors)
    15 Ender Pearl Haunted Candy
    23 Spider Eye Haunted Candy
    28 Bone Haunted Candy
    21 Rotten Flesh Haunted Candy
    20 Gunpowder Haunted Candy
    2 Holiday Candles
    320 Cupid Arrows
    1 KiraShizumi Head
    1 KiraShizumi Voter's Helmet
    1 KiraShizumi Voter's Chestplate
    1 KiraShizumi Voter's Pants
    1 KiraShizumi Voter's Boots
    1 KiraShizumi Voter's Sword
    1 KiraShizumi Voter's Thank You Certificate (100 Streak I think)
    1 Bro_im_infinite Voter's Helmet
    1 Bro_im_infinite Voter's Pants
    1 Bro_im_infinite Voter's Boots
    1 Bro_im_infinite Head
    1 GameKribBro Voter's Helmet
    1 GameKribBro Voter's Pants
    1 GameKribBro Voter's Boots
    1 GameKribBro Head
    1 Agozyen Voter's Helmet
    1 Agozyen Voter's Pants
    1 Agozyen Voter's Boots
    1 Agozyen Head
    1 Todd_Vinton Voter's Shovel (Iron)
    1 Deadmaster98 Voter's Axe (Iron)
    1 DragonTombs Voter's Boots
    3456 Prismarine Blocks
    321 Gold Blocks
    57 Diamond Blocks
    51 Emerald Blocks
    61 Redstone Blocks
    277 Iron Blocks
    49 Coal Blocks
    7 Diamond Horse Armor
    1 Gold Horse Armor
    1 Nether Star
    26 Diamond Axes
    8 Diamond Shovels
    7 Diamond Boots
    13 Diamond Hoes

    This Area of the post is reserved for the surprise at the end!
  2. Yay First!

    Happy Birthday and I love the people here that is why I love the community.
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  3. Holy cow! Promos for years! Well, I love in the community that people always will help other players out no matter what. Also, the people are always so welcoming and friendly. It really brings me a sense of comfort and happiness :). Happy birthday!!!!!! You were like the first person I met on EMC a lol. Hope you stay! :D
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  4. I love emc because of its special ability to make me feel better after a hard day, and for the friendships it gives me. I enjoy seeing success in others. I wish you a very happy bday! YAY! -Love EPP
    ps. Thank you! :D
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  5. Happy early-Birthday! :)
    I enjoy being a part of this community because of the friends I have made here, which keep me wanting to play here on EMC. :)
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  6. I love this community because the atmosphere is great and everyone is kind and weird at the same time :D.
    Happy B-day! Heres a cookie *throws cookie at computor screen* sorry, didn't work.
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  7. whew! I love that the community is more survival oriented, rather than just caring about who kills who, we are thinking more about what we can do together. Happy birthday!! and I hope you have a wonderful life! 生日快乐!!! (which translates to happy birthday in chinese :D)
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  8. The friendliness of the community and the zany topics that come up in chat...these things keep me coming back. :D

    And Happy Birthday to you!
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  9. I enjoy being part of EMC because it means I get to troll aikar.

    And happy cake day :)
  10. I like the community because events like this from generous people!
    Happy bday bro!
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  11. my favorite part of the community is when we come together and build amazing things like sushi drop and all the farms and when everyone is always there to help u with whatever it is like building a tree house or a giant tower also happy birthday
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  12. Happy B-day Bro_im_infinite! the EMC community cause its friendly and helpful :D
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  13. Happy Birthday, Bro!

    That's a very kind and generous gesture with the give-away, which is part of the reason I enjoy hanging out on emc. It's full of some genuinely kind and friendly people.

    Good luck with the give-away.
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  14. A big happy birthday from a fellow squid lover :3 Hope you have a great birthday. Man, i so want these promos lol. The thing i love about EMC is the community, we have generous people who do awesome giveaways like this one and lots more who build public farms and such. I wish everyone good luck! :D
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  15. Happy Birthday, Bro!

    OK, say one reason why I like this community? That's hard. There are so many things. I guess getting to make awesome public builds with really fun players from all over the place!
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  16. "Just a couple"... This community is special, there are many different types of players with different backgrounds. I like this community since it is unique... Feliz cumpleaños...
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  17. Happy (early) Birthday!
    I love that you get to choose what you want to do in the community.
    Whether it be mining or building or pvp'ing with other people.
    The choices keep it interesting.
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  18. Happy Birthday!
    I like being part of the community because of the great people and there is always some fun or interesting project to work on with other players.
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  19. Eep, that's a lotta promos...
    Happy birthday! :)
    I love the community because they're always so kind and generous, and are always doing things like this :)
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  20. Happy birthday Bro_im_infinite. I Enjoy being apart of the community because is so well organized with people being nice and well respected to others.
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