[GIVEAWAY] jelle68's 1000 day :D

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  1. within 5 days I have got my 1000th day so I desided to give 13500r and one Ham hacker away
    the Ham hacker will be give away as rupees so here is the Ham Hacker auction:
    I whould also like some donations. so I can give it away :D

    first price: 10Kr + 50% donations +60% auction (13200r) +jelle68 signed book "congratulations" (there are only 5 jelle68 signed books :D)
    second price: 2.5Kr + 35% donations + 25% auction (5500r)
    third price: 1Kr + 15% donations + 15% auction (3300r)

    every donator who gives 500r+ may post 2X more.
    the first ten people who post may post 2X more.

    I will choose the numbers with random.org when het Ham Hacker auction is over.

    how to enter:
    just post below :D

    I will aswer questions :D

    good luck :D
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  2. Cool. Count me in!
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  3. hiii
    whats your favorite video game? (other than minecraft)
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  4. Wow, congrats!

    BTW, third prize should be 15% donations, unless you're giving away 120% of the donations.
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  5. lol
    first price 50%
    second 35%
    third 35%

    totat 120%
    i think your math is wrong :p
    it can't be above 100%

    but im in :p

    edit: i should have read the post above me :D
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  6. Corected maths :p
    (Type mistake)
    I haven't got another video game I do play :p
    But when I need to choose from all games I have played... Raving Rabbits go home ;)
  7. Happy 1000th day!
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  8. Congrats on 3 years in emc!
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  9. Congrats!
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  10. Awesome! I'm thinking of doing a giveaway soon too.
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  11. Very nice initiative, but I'm not sure if part of it is allowed: donating 500 rupees for an extra chance. I did something like this before, and had a member tell me they thought it wasn't right. He didn't get any staff confirmation though, so I just kept going. It might be good to ask staff about it, though. (this may count as a lottery, and lotteries are banned)
    Congratulations on 1000 days, that's a long time! :)
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  12. congrats on join the 1000 day old club :)
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  13. nice
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  14. Congratz on your 1000th day. :)
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  15. Congrats on your upcoming 1000th day
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  16. Post.
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  17. Post
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  18. Miaow
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  19. Today it is the 500st day of ilse32 my "alt" (my sister doesn't Like EMC so...)
  20. how dare she
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