[GiveAway] 800th Day 3k rupees + 2k in Prizes Giveaway! (Diamonds, Mob Heads+)

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  1. Hey guys!
    I'm happy to announce that in 11 days, it's my 800th day on Empire Minecraft!
    Good times...

    To celebrate, since unfortunately I can't even be on for my 800th day, I'm giving away the following to some random people like you:

    - 3,000 rupees to one person!

    2k in Prizes*
    - diamonds
    - mob heads
    - diamond swords
    - Bottle O' Enchanting
    - Enchanted Books/Enchantment Books
    - Horses
    - & more!

    *One prize per person. If only two people comment, one will get the money and the other will get an item.

    All you have to do to get one of these prizes is comment below! Tell me why you love Empire Minecraft! The person who writes the best reason will get 3,000 rupees! Either that, or if they don't want the money, they can choose the prize that they desire.

    **Notice: You must write a comment by June 22nd!**

    I'll be giving away the prizes on June 23rd, even if that isn't my 800th day. It's the most convenient for me. Sorryz. :)

    Be sure to comment within the time period (today till June 22nd), otherwise unfortunately I can't award you!

    Also comment on some prizes you would like to win! They don't have to already be on the list above. I just couldn't think of anything else.

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    Please don't forget to put in your comment what prize you would like if you don't win the grand prize! If you don't respond and stuff, I'll give you the default of a bunch of diamonds, which isn't too bad, either :) but if you want something in particular, please tell me!
  2. I love EMC because I can set my difficulty to 1 when I'm mining, meaning I don't get decapitated by 1000000000000000 Marlixes.
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  3. I love empire minecraft because of the community. Most people are so friendly and kind, and when you have a problem you know where to go. On top of that, when drama does occasionally occur, we also have a mature staff team to take care of some less friendly cases in a good way.
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  4. I love EMC because the people in the community are responsible and friendly. No other server has such nice people who are there for you. Custom mobs are also very useful for rare items.
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  5. I love EMC because of these grief-proof residences that you can show stuff off on!
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  6. Thanks for commenting guys! Please do me a favor and share this with your friends on EMC! Also everyone will at least get one prize.
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  7. EMC's Birthday!.jpg I love EMC because it is the most well-moderated, creative, and community driven server in existence. Every single one of the moderators on this server are respectful and fun, yet still enforce the rules at all times. The custom plug-ins and items that Aikar has implemented into EMC truly makes it one of a kind, and makes it standout in the sea of servers out there. Not to mention EMC's massive player-count, which I believe is above 50,000 now! I think that a number like that is absolutely outstanding, and shows how amazing EMC really is. And every single one of those players help shape what EMC is, and what it will become. With Aikar and the other mods always asking US what WE want to be added to EMC. And when I say us, im referring to the many kind, fun, and just all around awesome people of emc. Not to mention my many friends on the server. Emc has allowed me to bond with many people and get really close to some. All of these reasons plus many more are the reasons why I believe EMC is truly the best server out there, and can never be replaced or beaten by any other. GO EMC!
    (yes, thats me on the far left)
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  8. I love Empire Minecraft: You can live in a small, medium, big or whatever you like residence! Yet everything is conveniently easy: shopping, travelling, exploring, meeting new people. Our community is one of the best, and very friendly. Our Town Centers are gorgeous, we have beautiful trees, palaces, and everything from small to giant residences. All of this makes me feel comfortable and like I had a second home. Well, what else I got to say?

    Empire Minecraft is unique! Thank You All have a nice day!
  9. I Love EMC because I don't know of anywhere else...
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  10. I love EMC because it is fair for everyone and the community is great.
  11. It would take a while to list EVERY great thing about the Empire, but I think this sums it up. The progress I have seen in the short time I have been a member proves that the staff are dedicated and put forth great efforts to improve each player's experience on EMC. The best part is that it is a server for everyone, and the diversity of our members makes us a great community.
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  12. Thanks so much guys! some of your stuff was really deep...
    Don't forget to share this with your friends! Also please tell me what prize you would prefer besides the 3,000 rupee one :) thanks again!
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  13. Well Thank You! But Don't Thank Me! I'm just telling the truth.
    Thank the whole Empire Minecraft for beign such a friendly and awesome community.

    Thank You All, and Have a Nice Day!
  14. I love empire minecraft because of the great community. There is an amazing group of people and the server is so supportive, you need building help, they help. Even though you only get one plot others even let you build on theirs. Everyone is usually understanding and the server is a lot of fun. If I need help it is there.

    Thanks for listening,
  15. I love EMC because the people on here are funny
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  16. thx ultimamaxx :)
  17. I don't know if it is good or bad that I was used in Ultimamaxx's example :p
  18. I love EMC because it Ian a big community and nobody is mean to me or griefs me because it is grief free! Everybody on EMC is like family because of how accepting they are to me.! THX EMC! :)
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  19. thx for commenting :) if u win something besides the 3k, what prize would u like?

    Also, to EVERYONE: There'll be a runner-up for the contest, a second place winner. Should they win a full suit of diamond armor, or a well-enchanted diamond sword?
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